Photos: Mt. Hope grads encouraged to make mistakes

Photos: Mt. Hope grads encouraged to make mistakes



Photos by Rich Dionne Standing from left, Marquis Silva, Kelsey St. George, Louis Costa, Joshua Cordeiro and Corey Gendreau celebrate receiving their diplomas.
Photos by Rich Dionne
Standing from left, Marquis Silva, Kelsey St. George, Louis Costa, Joshua Cordeiro and Corey Gendreau celebrate receiving their diplomas.

At the commencement exercises for Mt. Hope High School, certain traditions are assured. Students will hear farewells and advice from peers and from those who taught and mentored them over the past four years; students’ remarks will contain references to inside jokes that only their classmates will understand; and dean of students, Nat Squatrito will, at some point in the ceremony, chase down and seize a contraband beachball or two that somehow makes it into the auditorium. This class of 2013 was no exception.


On Saturday, June 8, the 237 graduates and members of their families filled the gymnasium at Roger Williams University where president of the class of 2013 and mistress of ceremonies, Angela Mascena, welcomed the graduates and others who shared in the students’ success. She also offered her classmates observations and advice.


“A lot of us don’t know what we want. That’s OK. That’s why they invented the pu-pu platter,” Angela said.


While she encouraged her classmates to try different things she also emphasized the importance of being happy in what you do.


“Don’t play it safe,” she said of settling into a life of mediocrity. “Your happiness needs to be a priority in your life.”


During Ms. Mascena’s welcome address, she took the opportunity to wish class treasurer, Kelly Coccio, a happy birthday. The joke among friends is that they’ve wished her a happy birthday, sometimes with cakes, everyday throughout the school year. Kelly, along with class secretary, Kelsey Tatum, presented the class of 2014 with the class gift, the Husky logo painted on the outside wall of the school.


“We had some trouble deciding what to give,” Kelly said. “We wanted to leave an imprint on the school, literally.”


Valedictorian, Vivian Ramos, and salutatorian, Elysha Grant, both encouraged their classmates to live life to their fullest potential in their addresses.


“Take the time to look around and enjoy the world,” said Vivian. “Find a happy balance between work and play.”


Elysha told her classmates not to worry about failure, what’s more important is that you try.


“If you didn’t make mistakes in life you’d never progress,” Elysha said.


Before the class president handed the baton to incoming senior class president, Ross Hogan, the chorus and vocal ensemble performed “To Sir With Love,” and the Mt. Hope High School band performed an original piece written for the school by composer, Roger Cichy, entitled “On Wind and Sails.” A signed copy of the original manuscript was given as a gift to principal, Donald Rebello.


In speaking to the graduating class, Mr. Rebello read of a list of colleges, universities and trade schools where students would seek higher education. But he also spoke to the importance and dedication of those who chose to serve in the military. When he recognized five graduates from the class of 2013 who planned to enter the service after graduation – Michael Cotta, Carrington Henley, Christopher Riley, Ryan Stanley and Romel Velasco – that the entire auditorium stood for an ovation of appreciation for their commitment to serve.


“Peace and solace is not a guarantee,” Mr. Rebello said of retaining America’s freedoms. “We pray and hope they will serve in peace time and not have to take out a weapon.”


He also bid farewell to all the graduates.


“We will always remember you. Remember where you came from,” he said.


Superintendent of schools, Melinda Thies, advised the graduates to remove the focus on self for a fulfilling life, before this year’s recipient of the Gardner/Burke Oratorical Presentation award, Ava Mascena, recited a speech from the character Bartleby in the comedy film, “Accepted.” Ava’s presentation received a standing ovation.


As the speeches ended, Angela quipped that they provided an opportune time for students to inflate flattened beachballs that were smuggled into the field house. It didn’t take long for Mr. Squatrito to quickly deflate the orbs bouncing amid the grads, drawing groans and boos, mainly from members of the audience. With order restored, each graduate was called to the stage to be congratulated by Ms. Thies, Mr. Rebello and school committee chairman, Paul Silva.


With diplomas in hand, the class president instructed the new graduates to move their tassels from one side to the other. When the graduates were presented, the mortarboards from the class of 2013 were tossed high in the air in celebration of their achievements.


Mr. Silva, reminded the students that commencement is a beginning, not and end.


“This entire class is accomplished. You’re a whole group of achievers. You’ve already shown you have great potential. It’s time for you to make the world a better place,” he said.


It wasn’t until the students stood among their peers in the sea of purple robes worn by the boys in the graduating class, and white robes worn by the girls, that the reality of their accomplishments began to sink in.


Outside the field house, Chris Machado stood with friends Scott Circosta and John “Vinho” Vento. The trio looked forward to enjoying their summer.


“It’s bittersweet. It doesn’t seem real, but there’s a weight lifted off your shoulders,” Chris said.


Even before the students marched into the ceremony, Katrina Davock, Tori Brayton, Kayla “Kayle” Dias, Hailey Boylan, Alex Duseault, Alexis Vasconcelos and Bree Silva stood together in the sunshine. Although some admitted their road to graduation was bumpy, they appreciated the efforts of the teachers and staff who were always there to help them.


“Miss Costa is my main girl,” Katrina said, recognizing staff and faculty for their role in her success.


Looking forward to her next stage of life, Bree Silva enjoyed the feeling of her accomplishment.


“It feels good, it does. Twelve years paid off,” she said.


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