Mom alleges abuse at Colt Andrews School; police find claim unfounded

Mom alleges abuse at Colt Andrews School; police find claim unfounded

A parent wanted to have lunch with her son at Colt Andrews School recently, prompting an unexpected response from the principal.

Bristol police investigated a complaint alleging that a teacher's aide assaulted a student there. Police found no criminal actions in the case.
Bristol police investigated a complaint alleging that a teacher’s aide assaulted a student there. Police found no criminal actions in the case.
Police did not bring charges against a teacher’s aide at Colt Andrews School in Bristol after the mother of a student there complained to police that her son was assaulted while at school.

On Friday, Jan. 18, the mother of an eight-year-old student at Colt Andrews School filed a report claiming that a teacher’s aide grabbed her son, a student at the school, by the wrist, causing him to drop a toy he was holding.

Police investigated the allegations and reportedly found that the boy was not injured during the incident and there was no malicious intent or undue actions used by the staff. According to police, the case has been closed.


    • Any parent who has a child/children in school and is bullied this is not a waste of time and public resources.

      This is about how so many times a child is written off and the person/persons who did this is protected instead of the child.

      School politics at it’s worst. Any parent who has had their child/children bullied by a staff member should come forward and stand up for the rights of their children.

      • To go to the police right off the bat could be a little bit much.
        Did this parent sit down with school administrators and the accused before going to the police? What part did the child play in this situtation? Did this happen in front of others? Trust me as my user name states I have three children and they are all different. Not all of them tell you the whole story. I have been there and done that and when a child is asked what part they played in it, the story could take a different turn.

      • Having grown up in the era where spankings in the Principal’s office were so very common (trust me, I’m intimately familiar with them), I understand why rules and policies were put in place.

        That being said, the youth of today have so many rights that they use them as a tool to get away with things of which we never dreamed. I have police officer friends in Providence who visit city high schools, and tell of the teachers just trying to survive the day, while students essentially tell them where to go if they so much as ask them why the are not in class.

        Back to this: I hardly consider grabbing him by the risk to be “abuse”. I hope this parent, while bringing this to the attention of authorities, also found a moment to teach her child about respecting adults and listening to them in the environment in which this incident occurred.

        I’m guessing…she didn’t. Which is probably why the teacher had to take him by the arm to get his attention.

          • The difference in eras:

            If we went home and told our parents we were disciplined at school, our parents gave us discipline at home.

            Now, you look at a child cross-eyed, and it’s abuse. G-d forbid their precious little self esteem be harmed.

            Instead, the youth of today is increasingly “entitled” instead of motivated. The end result is a less-driven populace and a decreased standard of living.

    • After the facts. After the proper authorities had examined them. Even then your comment speaks to your character. Especially considering recents events. Would the time and resources have been wasted if it were your child and the facts were true ? Buddy, get a pole and some minnows and your waders. Then practice, your fishing skills are weak.

      • Facts, are, in fact, true. The facts are that nothing warranted action against the employee.

        Perhaps the child was misbehaving to the point where the employee had to place a hand on his wrist ot get his attention, or maybe even prevent him from harming another child. Npw that would really tick me off, as a parent, if some out of control snot-nosed kid injured my child at school.

        Furthermore, perhaps Mama Bear should have inquired as to what part her Angel Bear was a terror, and needed intervention.