Missing Smithfield teen charged with knife threat

Missing Smithfield teen charged with knife threat


Bristol Police transported a missing teen from Smithfield to the Training School after arresting her for allegedly pulling a knife on a Bristol woman.

The alleged victim called police July 6 after the teen girl approached her at the corner of Wood and State streets and began yelling and swearing at her, accusing the victim of sleeping with her boyfriend, according to police reports. The teen then allegedly pulled a pink knife from her purse and placed the blade on the victim’s wrist, threatening to slash her. The victim backed away, but the teen began to follow her, prompting the call to police.

Officers arrested the teen at the corner of Easterbrooks Avenue and State Street, allegedly finding the pink pocket knife and a bottle of brandy in her possession. They seized the weapon and alcohol, and ran a background check, discovering the teen was missing from a group home in Smithfield.

After calls to Smithfield Police, the group home, the Department of Children, Youth and Families, and a judge magistrate, officers were finally instructed to drop the girl off at the state Training School on the charges of felony assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of alcohol by a minor.

The incident began when the victim was approached while walking on State Street just after 1 a.m. by a man on a bike she knows from serving him at a local bar. While she said she does not know his name, the man gave her a bottle of Paul Masson VS brandy, which she accepted before walking away down State Street, feeling “uncomfortable.”

A couple minutes later is when the teen girl confronted her at Wood and State streets, claiming the brandy was hers and taking it from the victim before accusing her of sleeping with her boyfriend — apparently the man on the bike — and pulling the knife.