Men’s and women’s consignment shop opens in Tiverton Four Corners

Cara Oliveira (left) and Erin Wordell amidst their wares at C &E Consignment

Cara Oliveira (left) and Erin Wordell amidst their wares at C &E Consignment

TIVERTON— Upstairs in the Tiverton Four Corners building at 3952 Main Road formerly occupied by Little Purls a new consignment shop has sunk its roots — C & E Consignment.

Named for its founders, Cara Oliveira and Erin Wordell, C & E Consignment focuses on clothing and items for women and men. Another newly opened consignment shop downstairs in the same building, Cutie Curls, operated by India Kenyon, carries items for children.

“We’ve always been pretty thrifty buying stuff, and we like the idea you can buy things 75 percent off the retail value,” said Ms. Oliveira. “We’re trying to get local people to consign with us.”

One of the features of their consignment business, said Ms. Oliveira, is the serious effort they make to direct sale proceeds, and clothing that doesn’t sell, to charitable organizations.

“People don’t realize,” she said, that a large portion of the proceeds to organized charities goes to the organization, not to the people the charities are intended to serve.”

She said C & E Consignment is trying to help local charities that work directly with people. She said, for example, that “a lot of the stuff we can’t sell here, after 90 days we give directly to the women’s center in Fall River.”

Ms. Oliveira said there are 16 charities C & E Consignment works with, that include churches, Sunday school programs, local boy scouts and girl scouts, the Robert Potter League for Animals, and the Wilbur & McMahon parent-teacher organization.

“We’re trying to get rid of the middleman. We want to see proceeds and items that don’t sell clothing go to those that need it,” she said. At Christmastime, she said, her shop was able to steer a local church to particular recipients known to ne in need.

Ms. Oliveira said C & E’s inventory includes brand name clothing, shoes, and accessories (Dansko, Uggs, Coach, Vera Bradley), antiques and collectibles, new sterling silver, and fine jewelry (some made by local artists). Thus far , she said, the shop has about 63 consignors.

In their lives away from their consignment shop, Ms. Oliveira is an  occupational therapist and Ms. Wordell is a registered nurse with Visiting Nurse Services.

C & E Consignment is open during the winter Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. In the spring and summer, shop hours may be longer, and the shop may be open every day, Ms. Oliveira said.

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