Meet Lisa Foster: A beach girl who loves real estate

Meet Lisa Foster: A beach girl who loves real estate


Years in real estate: 2

Family: “Does my dog count? She’s my four-legged child. If only I could use her as a tax deduction …”

Hometown: “Bristol.”

Education: “Life is an education. Nothing is more of a challenge, or a learning experience, than living and learning.”

Previous careers: “I have always worked in the service and sales industries. I know nothing else. It’s what I love.”

Favorite TV show: “None. Who has time for television when you work in real estate?”

Technology I can’t live without: “There’s the cell phone of course, but I have to say GPS navigation. I have listings all over Rhode Island and I would – literally – be lost without it.”

Proudest moment: “When I sold my 14th house in the first six months of my real estate career.”

Mentor: “Deb Cordeiro of EXIT Harborside Realty. She took me under her wing and taught me how to soar.”

Favorite sports team: “Silly question! I’m a New Englander. Who else would sit through a game with subzero temps besides a Patriots fan like me?”

Movie that makes me cry: “ ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ ” — gets me every time.”

My dream home: “A seaside shack in Siesta Keys Beach.”

Why I love the East Bay: “I grew up in Bristol, and I love the feel of a small-knit community.”

Death-row meal: “Skip the meal, bring me dessert … Cannolli from Mike’s in Boston’s North End. And I’ll take two, please.”

Favorite restaurant: “My family’s kitchen table. I love to cook.”

Dream date: “Hmm … Channing Tatum. Not too shabby!”

Guilty pleasure: “Louboutins. Gotta love those red-soled shoes.”

Place I want to visit: “I would love to go to Anguilla – trade my heels for flip-flops and beach sand.”

Favorite vacation: “I love cruising the Caribbean Islands. That’s definitely my favorite getaway.”

Three things on my bucket list: “I want to write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years. I would life to have tea with the Queen. And I would like to take a flight on Air Force One.”

Why I’m in real estate: “I have found something I really enjoy doing. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Best advice for sellers: “Make your house shine like a new penny, so it stands out from the rest of the market.”

Best advice for buyers: “Find an agent who knows the market well.”

My current listings: “I have several throughout Rhode Island: Johnston, Warwick, Tiverton, Barrington. You can find them on our website:”

 Best way to contact me: “My cell: 401-837-2333, or email me at [email protected]