Mandatory evacuation issued in low lying areas of Bristol

Mandatory evacuation issued in low lying areas of Bristol


Residents in low lying areas have been notified by the Police and Fire Departments of a mandatory evacuation notice.

During the storm the town of Bristol Public Safety Director, along with the Police and Fire Chiefs are asking that all citizens of Bristol stay indoors and off the streets and public ways until told otherwise by state or local officials. Be mindful of down power lines, and displaced manhole and stormdrain covers. Be prepared with supplies to last 72 hours, to include medications, non-perishable food items, water, indoor shelter for animals, batteries and flashlights.

The towns emergency shelter will be open on monday at 7AM at the Franklin Court Community Room 150 Franklin St.( enter on the Wood Street side under the archway).  Transportation to the shelter is available for those requireing assistance – please call 253-6912. Also town of Bristol scheduled trash pickup for Mon, Tues, Wed, has been suspended untill the following week. The town hall be closed to regular business on Monday.

For more information on the evacuations, visit


    Basic emergency supply kit:
    • Water one gallon per person per day for 3 days
    • Food at least a three day supply of non-perishable food items
    • Non-perishable packaged or canned food/juices.
    • Foods for infants or the elderly
    • Snack food
    • Non-electric can opener
    • Cooking tools/fuel
    • Paper plates/plastic utensils
    …• Blankets/Pillows
    • Clothing – seasonal I rain gear I sturdy shoes
    • First Aid Kit I Medicine I Prescription Drugs
    • Special Items – for babies and the elderly
    • Toiletries I Hygiene items I Moisture wipes.
    • Flashlight I Batteries
    • Radio – Battery operated and NOAA weather radio
    • Telephones – Fully charged cell
    phones with extra battery and a traditional (not cordless) telephone set.
    • Cash (with some small bills) and Credit Cards – Bank and ATMs may not be available.
    • Keys
    • Toys, Books , and Games
    • Important Documents Insurance, medical records, bank account numbers, social security cards, etc.
    • Tools – keep a set with you during the storm.
    • Vehicle fuel tanks tilled
    • Pet care items – Proper identification, immunization records, medication , food and
    water, a carrier or cage.
    • Secure all outdoor furniture and trash bins
    • Secure all animals
    • Do not walk through flooded areas, open manhole covers may exist t and could potentially cause
    serious injury.
    • Any wire down DO NOT APPROACH.
    Immediately contact the Bristol Police Department
    and ad vise of the location
    Please keep the following information in mind
    if you are evacuating your residence:
    • Lock all the doors and windows
    • Advise family members of your whereabouts
    • Bring all required medication with you u
    • Prepare for being away from your residence for
    72 hours.
    • Do not take any weapons or animals with you to a shelter.
    ** For further information regarding animals
    care during natural disaster contact Bristol
    Animal Control @401.253.4834.

  2. The Bristol EMA
    Fire Department
    Hurricane Disaster Information 2012
    For more information call:
    National Grid Electric:
    Customer Service 1-800-322-3223
    Emergency Line 1-800-465- 1212
    Bristol CountyWaterAuthority.401 -245 -2022
    For more information call
    …the Bristol EMA Fire Department
    Bristol’s Emergency Shelter
    is located at Franklin Court Independent Living
    150 Franklin Street in the community room.
    Important Phone numbers:
    Police ..401-253-6900
    Fire/EMA 40 1-253-6912
    DPW ..40 1-253 -4100
    Harbor Patrol ..40 1-253-1700
    Animal Control ..40 1-253-4834
    National Grid Gas:
    Customer Service 1-800-870-1664
    Emergency Line .l -800-640-1595
    Locate and identify to all family members a safe room in your home, if unable to identify a safe place please look within your community for a shelter. In Bristol it is
    Franklin Court 150 Franklin St in the community room .
    Identify escape routes from your home/neighborhood and a place for your family to meet.
    Have someone from out of state as a point of contact for all family members .
    Make a plan now for what to do with pets if you need to leave your home . Tens of thousands pet were displaced in the Category :3 Hurricane Katrina .
    Use a NOAA weather radio and remember to replace the batteries when you u turn the clocks in the spring a and fall.
    Take First Aid . CPR and disaster preparedness classes.

  3. This is just another reason why David Barboza should be Bristol’s next town administrator. He truly cares about beautiful Bristol and it’s citizens.