Man drowns in Warren’s Kickemuit River

Man drowns in Warren’s Kickemuit River


A 71-year-old Warren man died after falling into the Kickemuit River Saturday just before noon.

The man, Domingos Silveira, lived with his wife at the Kickemuit Village housing complex at 20 Libby Lane. Police still aren’t sure whether he had a medical emergency that caused him to fall into the water. But a spectator at a football game behind the Kickemuit Middle School called police at 12:01 p.m. to report seeing him in the water in the area of the Broken Bridge. Police and fire crews rushed to the river via Barker Avenue and tended to Mr. Silveira, who had already been pulled to shore by a witness. A police officer started CPR and initially, Mr. Silveira still had a pulse, Warren Fire Chief Al Galinelli said. Officers put him on a backboard and took him to Rhode Island Hospital, but were ultimately unable to save him.

Chief Galinelli said there was initially a lot of confusion at the scene, as nobody knew what happended to Mr. Silveira, who was clad in street clothes and boots.

“We don’t know if he had a heart attack, a stroke, or anything,” he said. Crews also didn’t know if he was fishing, clamming, or just out for a walk. His identity was a mystery, too, though they later learned his name and spoke to his wife, who apparently was at home at the time.