Low limb snags truck on Garfield Street

A tree limb sits lodged between a truck and its trailer on Garfield Street.

A tree limb sits lodged between a truck and its trailer on Garfield Street.

A tree limb sits lodged between a truck and its trailer on Garfield Street.

A tractor trailer moving van got caught up in a tree limb on Thursday morning, causing the limb to snap off and lodge between the cab and trailer. The accident occurred shortly before 11 a.m. on June 20, when the truck was traveling east on Garfield Street, a residential side street. The driver edged the truck over to the left hand side of the road to pass parked vehicles on the right, but could not clear the low hanging limb overhead.

Police closed the road while crews from the Department of Public Works use chain saws to remove the tree limb from the truck. No one was injured in the accident and there appeared to be minimal damage to the truck. The tree, however, lost a limb in the mishap.


tree v. truck2



  1. Joyce said:

    Bristol needs to look into trimming some of the trees, before the next storm or hurricane does it for them and causes more expensive damage.

  2. jaqdadi said:

    That tree was an accident waiting to happen, however, the truck driver should have known the clearance of the truck and a simple tape measure would have let him know he was too high. I do agree, if you take a look around Bristol\Warren, there are a lot of tree limbs, large, heavy limbs, waiting to fall on electric lines or other stuff like pedestrians and traffic. I see some trees trimmed above and below electric lines, leaving some large limbs in between. Just take a ride down Narrows Rd. Sandy knocked a lot of trees and limbs down, just off the road. As much as I hate cutting any greenery down, we also have to be prudent about future costs associated with power outages and other damage or, god forbid, an accident that hurts or kills anyone.

  3. DAVETAXPREP said:

    Low tree limbs are the responsibility of the town or state depending on the road, truck height limits are 13′ 6in so wire, cables and tree limbs need to comply. The roads are suppose to be open to all traffic, The town council commented on this issue after the last blizzard, that trees need to be trimmed down. Waiting for electric svc to return for 5 days is not acceptable is it?

  4. DAVETAXPREP said:

    Ironic, a large tree fell over on Hope St today, Knocked out power and had trfc being diverted, somebody is going to get killed if these trees are falling on their own.


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