Long dormant Getty Terminal in East Providence goes up for sale

Long dormant Getty Terminal in East Providence goes up for sale


EAST PROVIDENCE — The long dormant former Getty Oil tank terminal on Massasoit Avenue in city hit the open market this week.getty terminal

NRC Realty & Capital Advisors of New York is handling the sale for the Getty Realty Corp. with a sealed bid process. The asking price for the 8.7 acre former fuel terminal is $1.5 million. The deadline to place a bid is Oct. 15.

The industrial zoned site is actually situated between Massasoit and Dexter Road and is controlled under the auspices of East Providence Waterfront Special Development District. The property is located just north of Seekonk River Crossing. There are five buildings on the site, including sizes of 840, 1,670, 3,310, 4,670 and 6,410 square feet. Twelve storage tanks remain. The reported property taxes for the current 2013 fiscal year are $61,772.

The five buildings are a 841 sf brick garage (13.3′ height), 6,411 sf metal structure (15.2′ height), 3,314 sf brick garage (15.6′ height), 4,672 sf brick building (17′ height), 1,673 sf concrete block building (21.4′ height)

The above ground storage tanks have a shell capacity of 387,000 barrels and 344,100 barrels of safe-fill capacity.