Lock Your Liquor campaign aims to stem Tiverton teen drinking

Lock Your Liquor campaign aims to stem Tiverton teen drinking


liquor cabinetCustomers at local liquor stores this summer are being encouraged to secure the alcohol in their homes in an effort to limit underage drinking, especially among young teens.

The Tiverton Prevention Coalition has teamed up with the proprietors of all three Tiverton package stores — Crossroad Liquors, Stonebridge Liquors and Tiverton Liquors — to promote a summer prevention program designed to remind adults to make sure the alcohol they purchase doesn’t find its way into the hands of Tiverton teens.

Store owners are distributing “Lock Your Liquor” flyers provided by the coalition throughout the summer. “Although most adults do not give alcohol to minors, they are the ultimate ‘source,;” the coalition said.

In a recent survey, 18 percent of Tiverton teens said they have obtained alcohol from parents without their parents’ knowledge.

Nearly 20 percent of Tiverton middle school students report that they got it from their parents with or without their knowledge. And 34 percent who drank alcohol in the previous 30 days reported that they got alcohol at a party without an adult present.

“The message is a simple one: Whether you lock up your alcohol or simply track it carefully to make sure it’s not mysteriously disappearing, keep kids safe — bring prevention home.”

The partnership between the coalition and liquor stores over the past few years has included participation in TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) Off – Premises and False ID certification training.   Tiverton’s  liquor stores have been monitored by law enforcement  through compliance checks and “have exemplary records of no sales to minors over the past several years,” the coalition said.

“Substance abuse prevention is a community issue that can only be solved by community involvement at many levels” said Rebecca Elwell, Tiverton Prevention Coalition coordinator, “We are very grateful for the effort put forth by the local liquor stores to keep alcohol out of the hands of kids.”