Locals among LaSalle Academy, Bishop Feehan first quarter honors recipients

EAST PROVIDENCE — Several city residents were among those students to earn first quarter academic honors at LaSalle Academy in Providence and Bishop Feehan High School in Attleboro, Mass.
LaSalle honors
Derek J Forand, So., 1st Honors-Distinction
Nicholas I Faria, So., 1st Honors
Kimberly Furtado, So., 1st Honors
Judith M Kelly, So., 1st Honors
Daniel Mandelli, So., 1st Honors
David P Allen, Jr., 1st Honors
Kathryn A Chalmers, Jr. 1st Honors
Kaleigh M Crowell, Sr. 1st Honors
Rachael J Casey, Fr., 2nd Honors
Sarah E Poirier, So., 2nd Honors
Alexa J Cunha, Jr., 2nd Honors
Regina I LaPietra, Jr., 2nd Honors
Bryan A Lemos, Jr., 2nd Honors
Brittany M Cavaco, Sr., 2nd Honors
Zaryah J Guyton, Sr., 2nd Honors
Georgia W Christensen Fr. 1st Honors-Distinction
Eric Salisbury, Fr., 1st Honors-Distinction
William S Kondon, Fr. 1st Honors
Colleen E O’Brien, Fr. 1st Honors
Benjamin R Aldrich, So. 1st Honors
Ryan J Tracy , So., 1st Honors
Gregory D Medeiros, Jr. 1st Honors
Nicholas N Mercurio Jr., 1st Honors
Molly E Powers, Jr., 1st Honors
Katherine M Rogers, Jr. 1st Honors
Erica M Stad , Jr., 1st Honors
Olivia R Weltin, Jr., 1st Honors
David C Medeiros, Fr., 2nd Honors
Adleiza B Miranda, Fr., 2nd Honors
Zachary E Pipa, Fr., 2nd Honors
Sterling Benkhart, So., 2nd Honors
Daniel L Hey, So., 2nd Honors
John E Norton, So., 2nd Honors
Jesse A Woodbury, So., 2nd Honors
Matthew S DeQuattro Jr., 2nd Honors
Maya C Collier, Sr., 3rd Honors
Adam J Rego, Sr., 3rd Honors
Kelsey A Coughlin, Fr., 1st Honors-Distinction
Matthew P Accinno, Fr., 1st Honors
Faith C Allen, Fr., 1st Honors
Sean N Ferreira, Fr., 1st Honors
Aaron M Schneidereit, Fr., 1st Honors
Capri C Lamboy, So., 1st Honors
Katelyn Primmer, Jr., 1st Honors
Adrian F Werner, Jr., 1st Honors
India C Lamboy, Sr., 1st Honors
Kaela Sullivan, Sr., 1st Honors
Samantha C Davol, Fr., 2nd Honors
Jace C Pena, Fr., 2nd Honors
Hannah L Jannitto, Jr., 2nd Honors
Max R Couto, Sr., 2nd Honors
Russell H Allen, Jr., 3rd Honors
Ben M Abbatematteo, Sr., 1st Honors-Distinction
Benjamin M Averill, Sr., 1st Honors-Distinction
Mason J Bernard, Fr., 1st Honors
Keeley M Pedro, So., 1st Honors
James M Placco, So., 1st Honors
Steven S Smith, Jr., 1st Honors
Grace J Cole, Sr., 1st Honors
Edward P Jackson, Fr., 2nd Honors
Charles N Lutz, Fr., 2nd Honors
Adeline M Rodrigues, Fr., 2nd Honors
Nathan R Fournier, So., 2nd Honors
Jude A Bernard, Jr., 2nd Honors
Mackenzie J Pedro, Jr., 2nd Honors
Kevin M Divver, Sr., 2nd Honors
Abbey L Haynes, Sr., 2nd Honors
Gabrielle R Pesaturo, Sr., 2nd Honors
Michael A Medeiros, Fr., 3rd Honors
Jessica M Pacia, So., 3rd Honors
Feehan honors
Bishop Feehan High School recently released the recipients of academic honors for the first quarter of the 2012-13 school term. The following is the list of local students to earn awards.
Freshmen: Samantha Sheehy Second Honors, Rumford
Sophomores: Kelsey Feeley Second Honors, East Providence
Juniors: Sean Lydon First Honors, Rumford; Daniel Lynch Second Honors, Rumford; Jonathan Estrella Third Honors, Rumford; Zachary Frazier Third Honors, Rumford
Seniors: Henry Dodge, First Honors, Rumford; Elizabeth Lydon First Honors, Rumford; Teresa Lynch Second Honors, Rumford

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