Attorney charged with drunk driving again, this time in East Providence

Attorney charged with drunk driving again, this time in East Providence


EAST PROVIDENCE — Layne C. Savage, a local lawyer who specializes in DUI cases, has allegedly had a second alcohol related run-in with police. She was involved in an apparent two-car accident Saturday evening, Jan. 13, in East Providence, less than a year after being arrested by Barrington Police last March.

Layne C. Savage
Layne C. Savage
Ms. Savage, who lives at 15 Village Green North, Apt. D, in East Providence, was found guilty by a traffic court tribunal judge back in August  of refusing a chemical test and having an open container of alcohol while driving, stemming from that March incident in Barrington.

Saturday, a car driven by Ms. Savage and another vehicle operated by Paulo Neves, of Valley Brook Drive in East Providence, were involved in the accident on Warren Avenue near the Valley Auto Service station.

Ms. Savage was eventually charged with Driving Under the Influence, first offense, with a court date of Jan. 17. She is also being charged with Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test, second offense, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and Failure to Maintain Proper Control of a Motor Vehicle.

According to a police report of the incident, East Providence officers arrived to find a beige Nissan Murano, registered to Mr. Neves, that had been “struck and collided with a pole.” Down the road, officers sighted a white Ford Explorer, registered to Robert L. Savage of East Greenwich, stopped and facing “southbound on Warren Avenue at Woodland Avenue.”

A lone female occupant, later identified as Ms. Savage, was found behind the wheel of the car and was “hysterically crying,” the report continued.

Officers attempted to speak with the woman, who appeared confused and whose speech was slurred, according to the officer’s report.

An East Providence Fire Department Rescue arrived on the scene and eventually transported Ms. Savage to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment. Ms. Savage, the police report continued, became agitated and needed to be restrained. East Providence Police requested prosecutors to subpoena Ms. Savage’s medical/blood records from the hospital.

In August of last year, the traffic judge suspended Ms. Savage’s license for nine months, ordered her to pay fines and to perform 40 hours of community service. A stay on the license suspension was granted, however, allowing Ms. Savage to drive while she appealed the ruling.

According to reports last March, Ms. Savage was arrested by Barrington Police on a DUI charge after an eyewitness spotted her driving erratically. Officers later found open liquor bottles in her car. But in a district court case, the DUI was thrown out because the officers had not personally witnessed her driving erratically.


  1. If the light is blue, they are after you.

    Abuse of alcohol, like other drugs, is a major cause of
    police action.

    In most arrests, especially on week-ends, some form
    of alcohol consumption is involved.

    Unfortunately, it is a fact of life for the police.