Letter: Bridge better without those garish lights

Letter: Bridge better without those garish lights


To the editor:

I live on the waterfront in Tiverton, and the garish new lights quite spoil the beautiful night view. I attended public hearings on the new bridge, and don’t remember requests for “a signature look” for it;  I do remember requests to make it as attractive, quiet, and unobtrusive as possible.  The R.I. DOT seems to have confused cheap superficial decoration with good design.

When I am trying to save on my own energy bills I resent having to pay for the state’s waste of my money on unnecessary lighting.  Two thirds of the million dollar cost of the lighting for the bridge was spent on these unnecessary light poles, not to mention the cost of using and maintaining them. The lights could be acceptable a couple of times a year, for example at Christmas (red and green) and July 4 (red, white and blue).  But as red and green are ruled out as possible colors, neither of those occasions can be celebrated.

So who benefits from them?  Not those who spend less than a minute driving across the bridge, not the taxpayers who have to pay for them, not the adjoining residents who have their view spoilt by them. I would urge the state not to throw good money after bad and turn them on as infrequently as possible.

Margaret Smyth