Law enforcement officers seek missing gun of East Providence cop


EAST PROVIDENCE — East Providence, Cranston and State Police personnel are actively seeking the whereabouts of a missing gun belonging to a high-ranking EPPD officer. was first to report the story Sunday, Nov. 17. The Post and became aware of the possibility of the missing pistol late last week.

According to sources, the son of an EPPD officer, among the group top level administrators, removed the gun from his father’s home. The son, who is believed to have some sort of gang-related ties, got into an argument with one or both of his parents some time last week. Police responded to the incident, but no arrests were made.

The missing gun, said two sources with intimate knowledge of the situation, is a city-issued service weapon, a 45-caliber gun, a Glock21 model.

According to the report, East Providence Police believed the weapon may have been at a Cranston home. Law enforcement there performed a search, but came up empty.



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