Late night for Bristol Town Council

Late night for Bristol Town Council


The July 17 general meeting of the Bristol Town Council went well into the night, as council members poured over a 9-page agenda addressing upcoming meetings, new committees, among other items. Below is a brief recap of some discussion topics acted upon by the council.


Prudence Ferry Dock parking

The second reading of a proposed ordinance addressing the parking lot, as well as the rate schedule was heard and approved. During the first reading of the ordinance June 26, Town Administrator Tony Teixeira referenced a yearly fee of $1,000, which was corrected to $850.


New licences

Cynthia M. Cavalieri of Wood Street Pizza, and Mark Micheletti of Pomodoro Pizzeria, were granted victualing licenses. Town Council also approved the renewal of several private investigators’ licenses.


Water Authority update

The DOT permit request for phase 1 of the Poppasquash Road project has been received and is being reviewed because of potential discrepancies. Town Council scheduled an informative workshop for residents on Poppasquash Road for Thursday, July 25 at 7 p.m. at town hall.


Town Common Weathervane

Councilmen Halsey Herreshoff and Edward Stuart discussed getting a weathervane for the top of the gazebo at the Town Common. Discussion was held whether to put the task to students involved with metal shops at school to see if a contest could be had in designing a Bristol-spirited weathervane. Both councilmen agreed to look more into the matter and report back to the council at the next meeting.


New fire truck

Fire Chief Robert Martin was given permission to apply for a state grant that would assist the fire department in purchasing a new fire truck. Chief Martin requested the town purchase a new $352,000 fire truck under a lease-purchase option, whichever plan best suited the town. If awarded, the grant would alleviate about $88,000 of the total amount financed. Town Treasurer Julie Goucher agreed to present the council with a breakdown of financing options at the next meeting.






  1. Poppasquash Road project? New fire truck?

    Am I the only one in town who realizes that school funding from the state is going down every year till it’s nearly $9 million less per year?

    BTW someone needs to proof read these stories. The Water Authority Update seems missing except for the title.