Kudos, thanks to men and women of Tiverton PD

Kudos, thanks to men and women of Tiverton PD


To the Editor:

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the men and women of the Tiverton Police Department for their dedication to their duty during recent blizzard of 2013.

Their performance during the storm exemplified our core values of teamwork, pride, dedication, respect, and integrity. It was clear the officers and staff embraced their role not only as a law enforcement agency but also to ensure public safety.  Officers and staff worked long hours, slept at headquarters on cots, and used personally owned vehicles equipped with four-wheeled drive to patrol and respond to emergencies.

As a society, we place great trust and faith in the authority public safety professionals are given to ensure our quality of life.  It is honor and privilege for a citizen to be chosen by a community to be asked to serve as a police officer or public safety professional. The performance of these men and women during this incident serves as proof of their worthiness.  As a colleague of these selfless professionals, I am proud to serve along side them.  As a citizen and resident, I am comforted to know they are always there for us.   Once again, thank you and job well done.

Patrick W. Jones

Captain, Tiverton Police Department