June delivered nearly 13″ of rain here

Water pours over Westport's Forge Pond dam in mid-June.

Water pours over Westport's Forge Pond dam in mid-June.

Water pours over Westport’s Forge Pond dam in mid-June.

Before last week’s heat there was rain — a month full of it.

June delivered 12.90 inches of rain to the rain gauge at Walter Quinn’s weather station at Cherry & Webb Lane in Westport.

That’s the greatest one month total in the many years he has been watching the weather there, Mr. Quinn said.

The biggest deluges happen on June 3 (3.15 inches); June 7-8 (3.67 inches); June 10-11 (2.61 inches; June 12-13 (1.37 inches); and June 28-29 (1.89 inches).

June was also a windy month here, with gusts surpassing 30 m.p.h. on five days: 35 m.p.h. on the 7th, east; 32 m.p.h on the12th, northwest; 32 m.p.h on the14th, northeast; 32 m.p.h on the 24th, west-southwest; and 33 m.p.h on the 29th, southwest.

The highest temperature of the month was 78.3 degrees on the 24th. The low was 51.9 degrees on the 5th.

All that rain caused water to pour over the dams at Adamsville and Forge Pond but both survived. And the rebuilt Drift Road bridge and culvert at Sam Tripp Brook (built to replace one ruined by the March flood of 2010) handled the rain with no problems.



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