Johnston man, 27, found in car with Barrington girl, 16; faces drug...

Johnston man, 27, found in car with Barrington girl, 16; faces drug charges


barrington-police-cruiser - stockimage A Barrington police officer on patrol early Wednesday morning, July 3, noticed a car parked in the area of Woodland Road and Rumstick at about 2:30 a.m., and decided to take a closer look at the vehicle.

When the officer activated his cruiser’s overhead lights, two people popped up inside the car — a Johnston man in his mid-20s and a 16-year-old Barrington girl.

The officer approached the car and noticed that the clothes on both individuals appeared to be disheveled. The male occupant, 27, of Johnston, told the officer he was dropping off his friend — the Barrington girl — at her home in town. (She reportedly lived nearby.)

The officer spoke with the girl and could reportedly smell alcohol on her breath. She initially told the officer she was 17, but later said she was 16.

According to the report, she pleaded with the officer not to call her parents. While the officer spoke with the man, the teenage girl tried numerous times to walk away from the scene, but was ordered to stay put. She also allegedly yelled at the police and had to be placed in the back of a cruiser.

The officer called dispatch and had the department call the girl’s home. Her father soon arrived at the scene; police then released the girl to her father.

During a conversation with the 27-year-old, police reportedly noticed an orange pill bottle with its label removed inside his 2004 silver Acura. The Johnston resident said the pill bottle and its contents, Adderall, belonged to his friend.

Police charged him with possession of a controlled substance, and driving in possession of a controlled substance.

Editor’s note: The case against the 27-year-old man was later expunged. We removed the man’s identity from this version of the story after the expungement.