Warren’s Jeff The Postman releases CD


jeffMild-mannered postman by day. Cutting-edge spoken word poet by night. Warren’s Jeff Davies is a familiar face to the hundreds of downtown residents on his route, and now he’s talking.

Mr. Davies, AKA Jeff The Post Man, has collaborated with friend and musician Prescott Cronin and just released a new CD of spoken word poetry, “The Post Man Speaks.”

Recorded with Mr. Cronin’s help and mastered at 75OrLess Records, the new CD is available through 75orless, or you may even be able to have Jeff deliver it himself. The unit has 20 tracks, and Jeff will talk about the project on 75orless’s weekly podcast, “That’s Not Incredible!,” Saturday. The podcast is set to go live Monday, and you can find it at http://thatsnotincredible.blogspot.com.