In Little Compton, the modulars are coming to town

Richard W. Dionne Jr.

Richard W. Dionne Jr.

Using a Trans Lift, a ModSpace employee jockeys two modular units into a holding area on Peckham Lot, as Project Manager Steve Mogil (background) looks on. Another 27 units will arrive soon, before being connected to form two large classroom buildings.

LITTLE COMPTON — The first few of the long-awaited 27 modular classroom units arrived in town last week on wheeled carriers, and were left parked side-by-side at the northeast edge of the Peckham Lot, which is being readied for their installation.

Right now they look like trailers. But when “seamed” together — that’s what workers from the company (ModSpace Corporation) providing them to the town call the process — they will form two large 70-foot long classroom buildings.

The two structures, one comprised of 12 transportable units, the other 15, will house the 275 Wilbur & McMahon students and their teachers for at least a year, while renovation of the old Wilbur & McMahon building is carried out.

“There’s a lot of so work left to be done to seam them,” said Steve Mogil, ModSpace’s project manager. It will take about five weeks, he said. Rain this week has delayed the arrival of other units. Mr. Mogil said, “these guys work in just about anything, but rain really affects the process.”

Asked when he thought the units might be ready for occupancy, Mr. Mogil said, “I’m going to say by the end of January.


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