‘Idiots’ who scaled bridge summit suddenly lying low

‘Idiots’ who scaled bridge summit suddenly lying low

Image from the now-pulled video taken, the two climbers say, at the top of the Mount Hope Bridge tower.

Image from the now-pulled video taken, the two climbers say, at the top of the Mount Hope Bridge tower.
Image from the now-pulled YouTube video taken, the two climbers say, at the top of the Mount Hope Bridge tower.
Two self-proclaimed “idiots” who apparently climbed to the top of one of the Mount Hope Bridge towers in October and then posted the feat on YouTube are suddenly keeping a low profile.

The video recently vanished from YouTube at about the same time the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority “referred the matter to the Rhode Island State Police,” said Authority Chairman David Darlington.

“We will work with the state police to determine appropriate charges,” he added Thursday.

The video starts with the two young men shopping for flashlights in what they say is a Tiverton CVS store.

They then drive toward the bridge at night, pausing to take video footage of the bridge lights from Common Fence Boulevard in Portsmouth.

Arriving at the bridge they drive across, pointing out the cable they intend to climb.

There is no filming of the actual climb — one later chastises the other for messing up that part of the adventure.

There is, however, footage of what appears to be the two climbers celebrating at the top. Strong wind can be heard as they stand next to the tower’s flashing red aircraft light.

Several times they aim the camera at car headlights passing far below on the bridge deck — one of the two contemplates peeing on the vehicles (it is not clear that he ever does). They also film toward Fall River and then toward what looks like the Newport Bridge while one says that that will be their next conquest.

Mr. Darlington declined comment on the episode except to say that such behavior is both highly dangerous and illegal.

Bridge workers sometime scale the main cables to the top, always strapped in to hand-level cables on either side.

The bridge towers are 285 feet tall and rise about 140 feet above the bridge deck.

A number of years ago, a video was shot of a man bungee-jumping off the bridge. He said later that he did it in hopes of getting a movie stuntman job. Asked about that by a reporter, a Hollywood stunt company said it does not hire people on the basis of reckless acts.


  1. It is extremely interesting that law enforcement would rather spend tax payers money on trying to press charges on two guys who decided to climb a bridge, rather than put that money toward pressing charges on people who commit real crimes such as selling heroine, meth and crack, the numerous shootings that keep occuring in providence, and maybe getting more crackheads and homeless people off the street or even bettering the educational system… this is what happens when a states finances are put in the hands of complete embociles..

    • When criticizing, especially when you are criticizing the actions of law enforcement, you should probably make sure you use the correct spelling of critical words. Otherwise, you stand a good chance of looking like an Imbecile. Like these two.

      They committed a crime and deserve whatever the law prescribes for that crime. A good hefty fine should be enough, 3 times what the estimated cost of the time spent on prosecuting them so the state can make a profit, maybe throw in some public service as well.

      How vocal would you be if one of these “idiots” had a problem and needed to be rescued or if one of them fell and went through the roof of a passing car and took out some innocent kid. How about the expense for the state to go out and rescue them or some innocent in a car that may get killed or injured. Then, what if one of those rescuers themselves fell off and got injured or killed. How vocal would you be then?

      Stupid stunts like this are a legitmitate reason for law enforcement to get involved or else it would get out of control and eventually some innocent would be killed or injured. You should find something more constructive to direct your rants at and try to make sure your spelling of critical words is at least close, it makes a difference.