Huskies crush Toll Gate, face Warwick Vets tonight

Huskies crush Toll Gate, face Warwick Vets tonight

Huskies' head coach Brian Cote talks with the team after their 35-6 victory over Toll Gate.

Huskies’ head coach Brian Cote talks with the team after their 35-6 victory over Toll Gate.
The Mt. Hope Huskies football team will play their final regular season game tonight versus  Warwick Veterans High School in Warwick.Last Friday, in the seniors’ final home game of the season, the outcome couldn’t have been better scripted, resulting in a 35-6 victory in front of the home crowd on Oct. 26.

Even with the win, coach Brian Cote pushed his team to do even better.

“We didn’t play our best today. Far from it,” coach Mr. Cote told his players in a post game huddle.

Leading the way to the win, quarterback Kyle Valenzuela (#2) led the offense early in the first quarter, setting up an eight yard carry that he ran in to put up the first six points.

Mt. Hope’s cheerleading squad keep the fans on their feet for the Huskies’ final home game.
On the next scoring drive, Tevin Jones (#3) ran for a 22 yard touchdown, with Joshua Hunt (#81) connecting with Corey Gendreau for the two-point conversion making the score 14-0 in the first 15 minutes of play.The Huskies continued their battle in the second quarter, adding another 14 points with a touchdown run by Jessie Raiola (#25) and two extra points with Valenzuela carrying the ball into the end zone for the points after.

Opening the second half, Ziobro returned the kickoff to the 35 yard line before being stopped by Toll Gate. Carry attempts by Raiola, Jones and Valenzuela couldn’t penetrate the Toll Gate defense forcing a turnover punt.

With Toll Gate on offense, their quarterback’s attempt to carry was

Kyle Valenzuela (#2) and Jessie Raiola (#25) watch from the sidelines as the Huskies play out their final home game last Friday.
stopped by Joshua Hunt who made the tackle, followed by a second rush stopped by Aaron Merritt (#69) on an unassisted tackle. On Toll Gate’s third down attempt, a pass was intercepted by Huskies’ Tevin Jones who ran the ball out of bounds. A personal foul charged to Mt. Hope cost the Huskies 15 yards, but was quickly offset by Raiola who carried the ball for a 63 yard touchdown run. Jacob Silva’s successful extra point kick gave the Huskies a 35-0 lead.

With under one minute left in the game, the Huskies were denied the shutout with Toll Gate getting into the end zone on a late game carry.

On offense, Raiola is credited for carrying the ball on 15 plays netting 124 yards for the Huskies.

Defensively, Bailey Ziobro (#33) made seven unassisted tackles, and Joshua Cordeiro (#83) and Jared Ramos (#85) recovering fumbles.

On Friday, the Huskies will face Warwick Veterans High School, for the final regular season game. With Friday’s win, the Huskies earned a playoff spot. Depending of the outcomes of other games, the Huskies’ may play host to the divisional playoff.

Prepping the team for tonight’s game against Warwick Veterans High School, their Homecoming game, Mr. Cote said the team needs to get focused if they want to remain in the post-season match-ups.

“If we show up with our A game, we can beat anyone,” he said.