Hummel Report shines spotlight on Bristol harbormaster’s office

Hummel Report shines spotlight on Bristol harbormaster’s office

The Bristol harbor patrol boat.

The Bristol harbor patrol boat, as seen on The Hummel Report.
The Bristol harbor patrol boat.
Jim Hummel of The Hummel Report has posted a video story focusing on the Bristol Harbormaster’s office, complaints about former Harbormaster Joe Cabral’s response to a near-drowning last summer, and the search for a new town harbormaster. The story went live a few hours before the Bristol Town Council is expected to hire a new harbormaster – at it regular meeting Wednesday night.

In his report, Hummel talks to Bristol resident Mike Marshall, who was been a vocal critic of Cabral and the town’s harbormaster operation since an incident last summer. Marshall says he and a friend were kayaking when a passing powerboat caused them to capsize. He was trying to swim to shore when he went into cardiac arrest. He was eventually taken to shore by a Barrington harbormaster, and his subsequent quest for answers sparked his own investigation into Bristol’s harbormaster operations.


  1. I have been following this since last summer, tonight it will finally be over. Mr Marshall has shown me the letter he sent to the Town Council showing them how Mr Joe Cabral EX harbormaster used three times the amount of fuel that the police chief uses and almost as much as the fire chief for a seasonal position. Councilman Barboza had told Mr Marshall that the previous council had taken away Mr Cabral’s ability to get gas at will for his town vehicle, the most expensive of any department head in Bristol . Police Chief $ 1000.00 a year Mr Cabral 3000.00 a year, Mr Marshall has requested a FORENSIC AUDIT done of this dept, which will be bringing in up to$ 500,000.00 a year with the addittion of 135 more slips. So tonight we will see what happens, keeping in mind that Mary and Halsey were part of that council who gave free range to Mr Cabral . Will 20 years in the US Coast Guard win out over Joe Cabral’s son in law, not a chance, BUSSINESS as usual, Connections not QUALIFICATIONS will determine who will be Bristol’s new harbormaster.

  2. [email protected]

    Seriously. I’m I the only one who thinks the clear choice for Harbormaster is Greg Marsili of the US Coast Guard? He’s not even remotely politically involved with the town and has dedicated his life to saving lives.

    Please Bristol – do not make the same mistakes over and over! Give Marsili the job!

  3. I have had interest in this too, I am already betting where this position is going to go, not to the best qualified, but by who knows who! This will follow what happen to the Police Chief. The present assist harbor master also is the full time in Warren, what if anything will happen there, nothing has been stated there. Most people would think were this position should go to, but watch what happens.

  4. [email protected]

    During the talk of hiring a new Harbor Master for our town I have heard many people speak of what they feel are the shortcomings of Mr. Cabral, the previous Harbor Master. I personally have no factual knowledge regarding Mr. Cabral’s shortcomings or successes in this position. The only information I have about him are things that I have heard around town or read in the paper. I can only hope that those of you who are slandering this man have factual based knowledge to do so. Now, this brings me to the more important question that I have. Many of you have been speaking of hiring our new Harbor Master based upon qualifications and experience. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I feel that all the candidates should be considered based on what they can bring to us as Harbor Master. Reading the comments previously posted here, although you say that we should base the decision on qualifications and not who knows who, it seems that this is not truly what you are stating. Mr. Cabral’s shortcomings, whatever they may be, should not be held against Mr. Calouro. He has held the position of Assistant Harbor Master in Bristol and Harbor Master in Warren for a number of years. This alone puts experience on his side. And again I have very little information, but from what I have seen, Mr. Calouro has done his job well. I ask you, is it any different to NOT give the job of Harbor Master to Mr. Calouro because of who his father-in-law is than it is TO give it to him for that reason? If we truly are going to choose a candidate based on his qualifications and experience and not “who knows who” then please let’s do just that.

  5. JML, as you are ref my last post as “who knows who”, I was not making ref to the present harbor master or any one person. My statement was just that, pick the most qualified person, When the present chief of police was picked, there were better qualified people who applied for the position but were looked over. Any if any want to say this I will, the appearance was the job was given to the person that was wanted, not the best qualified. Not questioning his now performance but the hiring system in this town has favoritism attached.

    Right from the beginning applicants who applied not living in Bristol wanted to be excluded from the running, why? If that candidate came into the running of the top 3 then find out if that person if hired would move to Bristol. The present aSSIST Lives in Bristol, yet works in Warren as the full time HM. It is obvious that he was hired for his qualifications and not his residence. Being a former coastgardsmen at 20 year career in the USCG as one hell of set of quails as this person comes with LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINED ALREADY. So may the best person be hired. If he doesn’t stand up to the test, he can always be fired.