Hugh Cole School to recognize Feinstein grants

Hugh Cole School to recognize Feinstein grants


Bristol Warren will join the list of communities where the name Alan Shawn Feinstein will be displayed on a public building.

On Monday, June 24, the Bristol Warren Regional School committee approved a request by the Alan Shawn Feinstein Foundation that the district install an exterior sign on the school building with the words: A Feinstein Leadership School.

In return, the school will receive a $10,000 stipend to display the sign and the Foundation will assume the costs to make, install and maintain the sign.

“Many of our schools receive significant funds from Feinstein,” said Pauline Silva, director of finance and administration for the district. “He likes the idea of giving to the community.”

The Feinstein Foundation gave grants to several Bristol Warren schools this year, including Hugh Cole, Colt Andrews, Rockwell and Kickemuit Middle School, totaling $25,000.

Feinstein grants from previous years puts the fund balance at $55,000.

These funds are not used for curriculum related expenses, Ms. Silva said, but are held in an account and used to assist economically challenged families meet their basic needs. Hugh Cole school has been in the forefront of helping such families, Ms. Silva said.

The sign will measure six to seven feet in length and nine inches high. George Simmons, director of facilities maintenance will determine the appropriate location for the sign, giving consideration to the Foundation’s request for specific placement.