House votes 67-4 to stop bridge tolls

House votes 67-4 to stop bridge tolls


sak bridge

The Rhode Island House of Representatives voted 67-4 Wednesday evening to delay implementation of Sakonnet Bridge tolls until next April, 2014. That directive is in the form of an Article attached to the state budget, which is still being debated at this hour. If the final state budget is approved (by the House, Senate and governor) with the House article attached, the bridge tolls will be subjected to months of more scrutiny, with a special commission to report back by January.

Talking from inside the Statehouse, Bristol state Rep. Raymond Gallison called the vote a huge victory for the East Bay.


    • I understand exactly what Joe is saying. It is similar to 38 Studios: let’s give the guy millions, then analyze the deal after it’s failure. “Let’s not let the headlights blind your vision through those rose colored glasses!”

  1. The question I asked is pretty simple. Neither you nor Joe have answered it.

    Is Joe’s comment directed at the Senate? At Rep. Gallison specifically? At RITBA? At the populace (i.e. the “us” in “Let’s”)? At Scott Pickering?

    And, please, don’t get cute and answer “all of the above”.

    • I interpreted Joe’s comment to be a statement on the process, not an individual. The analogy is like the old saying “putting the horse before the cart” or in this case ready, fire…..aim! (reverse the accepted or normal order of things) I think I got was Joe was saying, I did not find it pointless it was thought provoking.