House debates one-year toll delay

House debates one-year toll delay


bridgetolls15East Bay lawmakers prevailed Tuesday in their efforts to gain full House discussion of a bid to push back the start of Sakonnet River Bridge tolls from early July until at least next April.

Though the amendment was still subject to a full vote of the House after the Sakonnet Times went to press, on Tuesday evening state Rep. Raymond Gallison of Bristol and Portsmouth said he is “100 percent confident” this budget amendment will be passed.

“We have a commitment from House leadership … that tolls will not be implemented until at least April 1 of 2014,” Rep. Gallison said. Speaking for all East Bay representatives, he said, “We’re ecstatic right now! This is great news for us.”

He added that he is also confident that the Senate will agree to the delay.

The measure, Rep. Gallison said, would delay tolls to enable time for the state to develop alternative methods of bridge maintenance funding. It would also provide time, he said, to do a “real” study on economic impact, not the “phony study” done earlier this year.

Lawmakers from these towns have proposed raising motor vehicle fees statewide, a funding source that they said it more fair and effective than requiring only one corner of the state to support bridge maintenance statewide.



  1. Gallison said: It would also provide time to do a “real” study on economic impact, not the “phony study” done earlier this year.

    “phony study” is right.

    Bravo Ray Gallison and those others in East Bay who actually work for their constituents! And bravo to those voters in the East Bay who worked very hard to turn this travesty of justice around for all of us.

    Let us not forget those who supported us and those who didn’t come Election day.

  2. As I agree this is good news, but thanks legislators as I already bought a transponder. Somebody should make up their minds soon. Yes agree, 2014 election should be interesting!