Historic problem? New Warren curbs raise questions

Baker Street looking west, with the Masonic Lodge at center and the jogout in front.

Baker Street looking west, with the Masonic Lodge at center and the jogout in front.

Not everyone is happy with new curbing laid out this week along one of Warren’s earliest streets.

Workers from LAL Construction installed a series of granite curbs on the north side of Baker Street as part of a $171,000 sidewalk and curbing project approved last month by the Warren Town Council. Though the curbing is an upgrade in several areas where there previously was only  concrete, some residents are concerned that fresh new granite, not historic bluestone, was used on the old street.

According to residents, the town had stockpiled several pallets’ worth of bluestone that had been torn up and replaced during a re-pave job on School Street five years ago. Warren Town Council member Davison Bolster said his understanding was that that bluestone had been set aside for use when Baker Street was re-done. So he was surprised to see granite curbing installed on the street.

“Where is it?” Mr. Bolster asked. “Nobody seems to know.”

Warren Town Manager Tom Gordon said residents concerned about the ‘missing’ bluestone shouldn’t be concerned.

“There’s really no mystery,” he said. The pile of stone salvaged from School Street currently sits behind the rescue station on Miller Street, the staging area for the Baker Street work, and will be used when workers start replacing curbing on the south side. That south side is still lined with bluestone, said Mr. Gordon, and the old stock will be used where necessary, to replace worn, battered or broken old stone.

“It will be used as needed,” he said.



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