Highway accidents spill heavy traffic onto East Providence roads

Highway accidents spill heavy traffic onto East Providence roads


EAST PROVIDENCE — Accidents on a couple of interstate highway sections Thursday, Oct. 3, led to an increased volume of vehicles on East Providence roads and made the early morning commute a bit more hectic than usual.

East Providence Police Lieutenant Raymond Blinn said the department began to receive several phone calls Thursday regarding unusually long traffic backups taking place on city streets. Some callers blamed the construction that was being done on main thoroughfares such as Broadway.

In response, the EPPD had officers and supervisors assess the situation. They determined construction wasn’t the culprit. Instead, the cause of the snarls was the result of multiple and closely timed motor vehicle crashes along Interstate 195 west and Interstate 95 north.

“Due to the highway being backed up, motorists started using Route 6, Route 44, and the city’s secondary roads to get off the highway to avoid the traffic,” said Lt. Blinn. “This caused a greater number of motorists to be on city streets, coupled with the fact that the highway was still backed up, which resulted in major back ups on our city streets. The final result was determined to be an unusually larger back up then is normal caused by multiple accidents around the same time frame.”