High on crullers? Barrington police called to doughnut shop for odd couple

barrington-police-cruiser - stockimage

barrington-police-cruiser - stockimage

Employees at the County Road Dunkin Donuts in Barrington called police on Saturday, June 29 at about 6 p.m., after a man and a woman inside the restaurant began acting weirdly.

According to the police report, the store employees thought the man and woman may have been high on drugs and were possibly taking drugs while inside the Dunkin Donuts bathroom.

Officers responded to the doughnut shop and quickly discovered the man in question — he was lying across a table and, at first, was completely unresponsive to one of the officers. He eventually opened his eyes, which were bloodshot, and appeared to be slightly confused.

Police asked him if he had taken any drugs. He said he was on several prescription medications.

Meanwhile, staff members told police officers that the woman in question had been in the bathroom for long period of time. Officers knocked on the bathroom door; the woman, Crystal Ann Crossen, 32, of Hope, RI, eventually emerged from the restroom.

Police checked her identification and learned there was an active warrant out for her arrest. The warrant was issued from Fourth Division District Court for failure to appear in court on a suspended license charge.

Police did not charge the man.


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