Haitian party hits Westport Saturday to benefit orphanage

Haitian youngsters give Westport's Corey Gifford an enthusiastic welcome to the orphanage.
  • The sounds and flavors of Haiti will visit Westport this Saturday, July 13, when RAW Haiti hosts a fundraiser at 1853 Main Road from 3 to 6 p.m.
  • The event will support the Damabiah Orphange in Haiti, a place that offers children a safe and healthy refuge in the wake of the devastating earth quake that struck the island nation.
  • Haitian youngsters give Westport's Corey Gifford an enthusiastic welcome to the orphanage.

    Haitian youngsters give Westport’s Corey Gifford an enthusiastic welcome to the orphanage.

    People who attend will be treated to a Haitian party, complete with Haitian music, art by adults and children, and food, said Corey Gifford, president of RAW (Recovery and Wellness) Haiti, a national project founded in 2012.
  • Money raised Saturday will help provide the youngsters with fresh water and with facilities and equipment for learning and sports — which in Haiti means mostly soccer (the event is comes just as the World Cup is wrapping up in Brazil.
  • Ms. Gifford, who began her efforts to help Haiti’s recover six months after the earthquake struck, said that RAW Haiti, while based in Massachusetts, is supported by people around the country. She has since made many trips to Haiti helping with counseling and aid delivery.

RAW Haiti is also planning to start a workshop at 1151 Main Road in south Westport to help spread the word and coordinate efforts.

Money raised here goes a long way in impoverished Haiti, Ms. Gifford said. A Westport fund raiser a couple of years ago raised $5,000, money that paid two teachers for a year, covered half the cost of an after-school program, and provided snacks to students.

Can’t attend Saturday’s event but want to help anyway? Don

Can’t come but want to help? Donations are — visit www.rawhaiti.org or the RAW Haiti Facebook page.


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