Rogers has no regrets following East Providence Council election loss

Rogers has no regrets following East Providence Council election loss


EAST PROVIDENCE — Saying he had no regrets about the campaign he just waged, out-going Ward II City Councilor and body president Bruce Rogers recently reflected on his loss to upstart Helder Cunha in last week’s General Election.

Mr. Rogers, a veteran of city politics, said he wasn’t quite sure how to react to the defeat, which came by 295 votes to Mr. Cunha, a first-time candidate.

“It’s not really clear,” Mr. Rogers said exactly one week to the day of his loss Tuesday, Nov. 13, by phone. “I feel very satisfied with what I did for the people. I answered every call from Rumford to Riverside. Whether it was a big issue or a small issue, I responded the best I could, whether it was friend or foe. Other than that, I have no regrets.”

Mr. Rogers alluded to conjecture about how he went about his position as the Council president and honorary mayor, saying some may have mistook his role in the governance of the city or misconstrued his intentions.

“It’s always sad when you lose,” Mr. Rogers continued. “I think some people misunderstood what I did and some just didn’t like what I did.”

It was well known Mr. Rogers worked hard on his campaign, beginning his run for re-election back in the spring and continuing his push through the summer to the primary and all the way to Nov. 6. In the end, however, his toils proved less than fruitful.

“I don’t think I would do anything differently,” Mr. Rogers said. “I went door-to-door more than once, two or three times in some neighborhoods. No one who I asked for help said no.

“I feel good about what I tried to do and what I did accomplish for the city. There was nothing more I could personally do.”

Mr. Rogers said he hopes to maintain positions he currently holds  on some boards and commissions, those not directly tied to being a councilman. And he did not rule out a future run for office.

“It’s too early to tell,” Mr. Rogers added. “I’ve lived in East Providence my whole life, and I hope to serve this city in come capacity for years to come. If I ever run for elected office again, that’s way down the road. Who knows?”


  1. Rogers don’t go with the feeling that you will be missed, now we can celebrate your loss with a few honest people on the city council. From day one you and you side kick Mr. Rose, violated city charter, appointed your friends to boards, did not work for all the children and residents of East Providence. Day after day you interfered with the daily business in city hall, always being there every day, a thorn in the sides of all city employees.
    Do yourself and the residents of this city a favor, please do not run for office again. You are a disgrace to this city.