Lynch vows attempt to rid East Providence Charter of ‘mayor’ title

Lynch vows attempt to rid East Providence Charter of ‘mayor’ title


EAST PROVIDENCE — If elected to the City Council, Ward 1 candidate Edward Lynch says he will work to rid the East Providence City Charter of the term “mayor.”
On the campaign trail Mr. Lynch said he is frequently asked who he would support as “mayor.” His response, flatly, is “no one.”
“I’ve decided to make my thoughts on this issue crystal clear,” Mr. Lynch said. “I feel the ceremonial title of ‘Mayor’ is clearly overshadowing the actual work the council needs to be doing on behalf of the residents. I think it is unnecessary, and I will work to eliminate it. We currently have a City Manager form of government and the two positions (mayor/city manager) are counterintuitive to the ultimate success of our local government. We unfortunately have built a local government that is more focused on titles, politics, personal quests and majority support than in doing the work of the people.”
Mr. Lynch argues the current council is broken and needs repair. He said the lack of cooperation has paralyzed the city and that he’ll attempt to establish a “true leadership team.”
“We must eliminate the majority-council rules and put the entire council on an even playing field,” Mr. Lynch added. “Then we can finally allow the efforts of the council to truly resonant. The ‘Mayor’ title has clouded the work of the council and caused countless rifts that continue to erode any tentative progress we make.”
The lack of consensus and its inability to get along are a couple of the reasons why the state eventually stepped into East Providence’s affairs, according to Mr. Lynch. He said, there remains a need for the next Council to change current perceptions and to “operate cooperatively with an approved long-range financial plan that eliminates the ever-looming specter of state intervention.”
“That is why I will seek to eliminate the ceremonial title of ‘Mayor’ and accurately propose a more appropriate title of Council President,” Mr. Lynch said. “It’s about a new way of doing things. It’s about a future of cooperation and promise.”


  1. I have to agree with you Mr. Lynch the title mayor should be dropped, at the same time I do not believe it should be replaced with President, think about it Ed, president would also cloud their head. DA! It should be left at councilman.
    Actually the state stepped in because your friends Rogers/Rossi submitted a school budget that was not balanced. It was past and present councils that caused our city problems. Let’s not forget that a state trooper was sent in first. Why? Because of the current corruption that sits on the city council now. The majority of them are your friends.
    Next Bud’s on you!!

  2. It’s not the title, it’s the people holding it, call it President or Chairman and you’d still have the same in-fighting with the people you have now. A Mayor that was a real leader and facilitator would be able to move the Council forward on developing a true strategic plan that includes all Councilors working together. As long as it’s a partisan us vs them setup, with a Mayor/President/Chairman on one side with his two yea votes for everything, and an unofficial leader of the opposition with his one nay vote in tow, it will never change.

  3. I agree with Jason. You could dress up a monkey and name him Mayor but he is still a monkey Ed are you going to waste as much time on this as Rossi did trying to find advertisment for our busses? Here is a novel idea… Instead of you all wasting time on such nonsense maybe you could actually try to fix our city?

  4. Mr. Lynch,
    Removing the title of Mayor will not solve the problem. I agree with Mr. Desrosiers. You will always need someone to run the meeting, attend civic functions and cut ribbons. Our city needs an elected representative to fill that position. I believe it is not the title but the person who takes on the role. Mr. Oliver, although I do not write in often on these blogs, I can not help but notice that you seem to have the answer for everything but plans for nothing. You regularly speak out against everything, have barely a fact behind your attacks and take pokes at only the politicians who you clearly do not like. What would you suggest as a resolution? Where did you obtain your credentials for managing a city of over 47,000 people? Why is your name not on the ballot this year? Your snide remarks only leave the rest of us to believe that you are nothing more than an angry person with not much else to do. If you have a degree or a plan, the residents of this city would love to know.