Little Compton Charter Review group faces tight deadline

Little Compton Charter Review group faces tight deadline


LITTLE COMPTON — It’s going to be a close call for the town Charter Review Commission, which faces an end-of-January deadline to fill all seven positions required in order to be constituted.

Only two citizens — Jane Cabot and John Lint — have volunteered thus far to the Charter Review group, and both were appointed by the Town Council at its most recent meeting Jan. 10.

Five additional members will need to be appointed to fill out the roster. Town Clerk Carol Wordell asks that Interested candidates submit their names to her office by no later than Thursday, Jan. 24 in order to be considered at the council meeting that night, its last before the end of the month.

Two other boards or commissions are in search of volunteers, Ms. Wordell said: the Conservation Commission and the Housing Trust, both of which have unexpired terms needing to be filled. The unfilled open position on the housing trust expires in Jan. 2016, and the open position with the conservation group expires in Feb. 2015.

Ms. Wordell said only incumbents expressed interest in appointments to town boards and commission; there were no new candidates volunteering. The result was that only incumbents were appointed (actually re-appointed) to open positions.

Re-appointments made by the council at its last meeting were: Pat Bowen and Robert Torchia (Housing Trust, to five year terms); George Goulart (incumbent Tree Warden since March, 1987, to a one year term);  Alexander Hawes and Phyllis Field (Harbor Commission, to three year terms); Thomas Grimes (Recreation, Conservation, and Open Space Committee, to a three year term); Robert Greene (Planning Board, to a four year term); William Richmond, Richard Castenson, and Ryan Smith (Conservation Commission, to three year terms).

• In other action at its last meeting, the council set Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 7 p.m. as the date for its next Financial Town Meeting. Council President Robert Mushen said it is anticipated that the gymnasium at Wilbur & McMahon will be the site for the meeting despite renovation work being carried out in other parts of the school building.