Election 2012: At-Large School Committee candidate Warr answers questions

Election 2012: At-Large School Committee candidate Warr answers questions


EAST PROVIDENCE — Email problems caused At-Large School Committee candidate Ronald Warr to miss The Post’s print deadline for last week’s edition in which he and others running for the education-based offices were given three questions to answer. Below are his complete responses. A summation of his answers ran in the Sept. 27 print edition of The East Providence Post.

The Post: What are the two or three most important qualities the next superintendent needs to perform the job properly?

Ronald Warr: 1)      Ability to work together with the School Committee and City Council in finding ways to cut costs in the budget, especially for the Administration, (both School and City level Administration needs to be addressed) and return those monies to our children, including Middle School Sports, where it belongs. The focus of cuts should not always be on the Teachers.

2)      A more realistic salary;  hopefully less than $100,000.  Our School Department has roughly 5,600 students (source EPSD Budget 2011-2012),  and at the last paid salary for this position, equated to $23.75/student?!?   Our School Department is not large enough to warrant a Salary of $133,000/year, nor does it require a Full-Time Assistant Superintendent.   This savings alone could potentially bring back programs such as Middle School Sports!

3)      Ability to consolidate Services (with City and other School Departments if able) to get this School Budget under control.

The Post: By many accounts, moral in the school system is very low, what role should the School Committee play in setting a more positive tone and how would you get that accomplished?

RW: More accessibility and accountability to the students, parents and employees of East Providence.  As a School Committee member, each Ward Representative should meet with, and discuss issues with their schools.  At-Large Member should work with all Four Ward Members and meet with all Schools in East Providence.  By cutting the School Administration’s budget, it would allow the opportunity to purchase needed equipment and supplies such as SMART BOARDS for all school, more technology in the classroom and supplies for the teachers.

The Post: Would you consider the option of cutting some lesser-supported sports at the high school in order to bring back middle school sports?

RW: Absolutely not!  Who is going to pick which sports are “worthy” and tell those kids that they can’t play?  Athletics and Academics help develop our children into well rounded individuals and help prepare them in becoming adults in society.  It is bad enough that this City is not supporting them!  We need to find other avenues to support programs such as Middle School Sports.   No wonder young families are leaving East Providence in droves.  My wife and I chose East Providence to raise our 3 children who are educated in the East Providence School System.  I will do everything in my power, as your At-Large School Committee Member, to see that what happened in the past does not happen again!