Dist. 66 candidates favor term limits

Dist. 66 candidates favor term limits


All three candidates running State House of Representatives Dist. 66 recently said they favor term limits for legislators but each individual had a slightly different idea of what these limits should look like.

Republican candidate Manfred Diel said he believes state Senators and Representatives should have a maximum of 12 years. Mr. Diel said legislators should not be up there “for life” and term limits would allow new candidates with new ideas to serve at the Statehouse.

Incumbent Democrat Joy Hearn also said she would favor a 12 year limit though in a slightly different way. Rep. Hearn said she would support legislators serving four-year terms with a limit of three terms.

Rep. Hearn said the two-year term currently served by legislators doesn’t allow elected officials to “really get into the meat” of issues.

Independent candidate Eugene Saveory said he would support a shorter limit than 12 years. Mr. Saveory said he would stick with two-year limits but would favor term limits of “six or eight” years in office.