Barrington School Committee candidates talk middle school options

Barrington School Committee candidates talk middle school options


The Barrington School Committee was recently presented with a pair of options for the future of Barrington Middle School including a new building and a get-renovation with an addition. This week’s question asked candidates which option they favor an why. Here are their responses:

CHRIS RAMSDEN – “The building committee has recently recommended two choices; 1) complete gut renovation, 2) new facility. If — as estimated — the costs for either alternative are comparable, I’d support a new facility as it is less disruptive to students and staff.”

BOB SHEA – “The middle school is in desperate need of replacement. Given little difference in the estimated costs of new construction or a gut-renovation, I favor constructing a new facility as the least disruptive to the educational mission of the middle school.”

MEAGHAN RAMSDEN – “There are two choices put forth by the building committee to either renovate the current building or build a new structure. If the projects continue to carry a similar price tag, I would choose the new building option.”

PAULA DOMINGUEZ – “An external analysis confirms the middle school needs renovation; I support the option that presents the lowest tax burden. The school committee must work harder to earn confidence by scrutinizing the impact of existing spending before it requests additional funding.”

PATRICK GUIDA – “I support new construction which: avoids disruption and safety concerns of children attending classes in midst of construction project; replaces inadequacies of existing building layout with much more efficient configuration; and, according to current estimates, costs less than gut renovation.”