Among similar towns, Tiverton pays least for police, school heads

Tiverton Town Hall at 343 Highland Road is the seat of town government.

Tiverton Town Hall at 343 Highland Road is the seat of town government.

Tiverton Town Hall at 343 Highland Road is the seat of town government.

TIVERTON — Tiverton’s police chief and school superintendent are the lowest paid such officials among 11 communities that are comparable in the state. 

Other Tiverton officials rank in the bottom tier — in third or fourth place from the bottom — in the same group of communities.

The 11 towns, and their populations, with which Tiverton is here compared, include all those in the East Bay with comparable populations and those with comparable populations elsewhere in the state.

These conclusions are drawn from data reported in the just-published 42 page “Municipal Salary Survey — 2013,” published by the Department of Revenue, Division of Municipal Finance.

Tiverton’s police chief is paid $79,815. The top salary among the 11 towns is paid to Middletown’s police chief ($108,930). Middletown has a population of population of 16,150, while Tiverton’s is 15,780.

The school superintendent in Tiverton is paid $125,032, according to the state survey, the lowest among the 11 comparable towns. The highest paid superintendent is Middletown’s ($154,059).

Tiverton’s third-place-from-the-bottom finishers were fire chief ($77,327), the building official ($55,000), and the town clerk ($57,528).

The reported salary ranges for these officials in the 11 comparison communities are: fire chief ($96,199 – $69,769), building official ($79,073 – $42,000), and town clerk ($76,975 – $48,500). For all of these three officials, Little Compton paid the least, the survey showed.

Fourth-from-the-bottom finishers among comparable office holders in the 11 towns were Tiverton’s town administrator ($83,900), public works director ($80,000), and tax assessor ($63,500).

Tiverton was tied for fourth-from-the-bottom ranking with Bristol.

The salary ranges for these three types of officials in the 11 comparison towns are: town administrator ($164,688 – $71-289), public works director ($103,986 – 66,416), and tax assessor ($74,125 – $51,070).

The survey is published annually by the Division of Municipal Finance, and is based upon uniform data gathered last year about salaries for 25 various department directors and officials in municipalities in the state.

In descending order of population, the 11 comparable communities are: Bristol (pop. 22.954), Portsmouth, Barrington, Middletown, Burrillville, Narragansett, Tiverton, East Greenwich, North Smithfield, Warren (with 10,611), and Little Compton (with 3,492).

This year’s is the 24th such survey. Fringe benefit data is excluded.

The salary survey does not reflect salary changes made since the data was collected last year.


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