A busy election day for Barrington

A busy election day for Barrington


It’s been a busy day for voters, candidates and poll workers in Barrington.

Moderators at a number of polling locations around town said they had lines of voters ready to go prior to 7 a.m. and traffic has not let up since. At Sowams School, for example, a line of voters extended outside the cafeteria towards the front door at about 11 a.m.

“It’s been gang-busters,” said Hampden Meadows School moderator Ken Turn with a similar line behind him.

“We haven’t had a moment to spare.”

At about 10:30 a.m., roughly 600 people had voted at Hampden Meadows. Mr. Turn said more people had voted by 8 a.m. Tuesday than all of the September primary.

Book fairs at both Hampden Meadows and Nayatt Schools were also driving traffic with a full parking lot on Nayatt Road and vehicles parked along New Meadow Road and Kent Street.

At Nayatt School, moderator Martha Wallick said poll workers also had a line first thing in the morning with consistent turnout through the day though that location had smaller lines that Sowams and Hampden Meadows.

Candidates, meanwhile, were out and about. Incumbent school committee candidate Chris Ramsden started his day at the White Church Bridge before sunrise.

“I’m happy now,” said Mr. Ramsden with a smile before voting at Sowams School.

“The sun is out. It’s fun.”

At Nayatt School, school committtee incumbents Bob Shea and Patrick Guida held signs alongside town council challenger Ann Strong.

At Barrington High School, school committee challenger Meg Ramsden stood with a campaign sign while staying warm in what she described as a “giant sleeping bag” of a coat. Hannah Hearn was also out at the high school stumping for her mom, incumbent Dist. 66 State Rep. Joy Hearn alongside Noah Shea (campaigning for his dad) and Josh Pelletier (campaigning for Ms. Strong, his aunt).

Another veteran politico out on the trail was Stanley McQuade. The golden retriever spent the morning alongside his owner, Beth McQuade, wearing a Joy Hearn T-shirt for the second election in a row. This year, however, Stanley was joined by his little brother, four-month-old golden doodle Wally who also wore a blue and gold Hearn T-shirt.

The polls are open until 8 p.m.