18 public employees in Portsmouth earned over $100K

18 public employees in Portsmouth earned over $100K


PORTSMOUTH — Eighteen public employees in Portsmouth earned more than $100,000 last year, according to figures presented by the town and school finance directors.

Although she was hired partway through 2014 and therefore didn’t earn a full year’s worth of wages, Superintendent of Schools Ana C. Riley tops the salary list at $155,450. Town Administrator John C. Klimm was second with $129,599.90.

The Portsmouth Times requested the top 10 wage earners in the 2014 calendar year from both the town and schools’ side of the budget. The figures include wages, overtime and other compensation paid last year as reflected in employees’ W-2 forms.

All figures came from Town Finance/Personnel Director James Lathrop and School Finance Director Christopher DiIuro.

According to the payroll data released, several police officers earned more than their boss, Police Chief Thomas F. Lee, due to overtime and other compensation that “bumps” their pay, the chief said. As in other towns, police officers also earn detail pay, overtime, equipment allowances and other contractually obligated payments.

Police Lt. Anthony K. Cambrola, for example, earned a total of $124,094.97 during the 2014 calendar year, making him the fifth-highest wage earner among public employees in 2014. Another police lieutenant, George L. Grassi, earned $109,724.81.

20 highest paid public employees in Portsmouth

1. Ana C. Riley, school superintendent, $155,450* ($72,665.37 paid)

2. John C. Klimm, town administrator, $129,599.90

3. Christopher L. DiIuro, school finance director, $126,028.69

4. Thomas Kenworthy, assistant school superintendent, $125,000* ($30,901.14 paid)

5. Anthony K. Cambrola, police (lieutenant), $124,094.97

6. Robert Littlefield, high school principal, $123,074.86

7. Joseph Amaral, middle school principal, $115,078.76

8. James L. Lathrop, town finance/personnel director, $110,000* ($93,307.48 paid)

9. George L. Grassi, police (lieutenant), $109,724.81

10. Michael P. Monahan, school guidance, $109,263.47

11. Patrick J. O’Neill, police, $107,218.38

12. Michael M. Cranson, fire chief, $106,332.72

13. William H. Ethier, fire, $106,185.88

14. Thomas F. Lee, police chief, $104,458.32

15. Brian P. Peters, deputy police chief, $103,104.02

16. Michael C. Arnold, police (detective sergeant), $102,800.68

17. Colleen Larson, assistance school principal, $102,673.25

18. Elizabeth Vivieros, Melville School principal, $100,100.26

19. David P. Kehew, public works, director, $99,946.82

20. Rose Muller, school technology, $98,008.25

* Denotes total salary for employees who were hired in 2014.