Good sign — building permits up in Warren

Good sign — building permits up in Warren


blount boats12More people in Warren are working on their homes and building new ones, a good sign says the building inspector of economic activity.

For the month of October, building permits were up at least 15 percent from last year, Warren Building Official William Nash said. In all, approximately 50 building permits were issued, from re-roofing jobs to remodels and even new home construction. Earlier months, from the busy spring and summer building season through the fall, were also strong.

Mr. Nash said Tuesday that the increased building activity has been noticeable — “a good sign,” he said.

The following are building permits issued from the second week of October through the end of the month:

3 Butterworth Drive, Karen L. Maze. Strip and re-roof front half of house, $2,000.

38 Arlington Ave., Meg O’Rourke. Remove non-load bearing wall, install island, $1,000.

77 Coomer Ave., Jacqueline Cresswell. Four replacement hopper windows, one replacement bow window, $7,000.

110 Vernon St., Noella Hayward. Strip and re-roof east side of house, $3,000.

11 Circuit Drive, Ellen Muehlberg. Construct single family home and garage, $215,000.

4 Maple St., Carl E. Berg. Remove windwos, replace with door. Frame wall for sliding glass door, $20,000.

10 Calder Drive, Victor R. Manlove. Construct full basement, $136,000.

3 Garden St., Arthur Powe. Install shed, $2,000.

10 West St., Douglas W. Jahnke. Enclose portion of existing deck. Frame walls, install windows, insulation, sheetrock, $14,000.

35 Taddy Ave., Robert Tavares. Interior bathroom renovations, $6,000.

45 Shore Drive, Florence R. Agresti. Construct two new decks, enclose one deck with screening, $11,520.

351 Child St., Gary C. Wolfgang. Strip and re-roof, $9,000.

388 Child St., Janis Hellew. Strip and re-roof, $6,000.

16 Brittney Lane, Karyn Noonan. Strip and re-roof, $6,000.

560 Water St., Eric W. Salamon. Strip and re-roof, $3,000.

76 Canario Drive, Shirley Amaral. Strip and re-roof $4,000.

634 Main St., CA EM Realty LLC. Cut opening in roof to install metal platform for access, $10,000

20 King St., David L. Soares. Install in-ground swimming pool, $16,000.

93 Seymour St., Gary D. Fenster. Construct single family home, garage, front porch and rear deck, $154,190.

28 Middle St., James M. Moniz. Construct one story addition for in-law apartment, $40,000.

56 Beach St., David and Jean Hanssen. Interior and exterior renovations, $50,000.

206 Metacom Ave., Joseph R. Medeiros. Strip and re-roof garage. New rafters and plywood, $10,000.

21 Hanley Farm, Anne D. Lohr. Install architectural shingles on mansards, rubber membrane on flat roof, $8,000.

329 Main St., Gary M. Rego. Install 64 feet of fence, $2,000.

16 Barton Ave., Robert Curran. Add four feet to height of garage, $8,000.

5 Brittney Lane, Paul S. Blair Et Ux. Strip and re-roof, $10,000.

35 West St., Robert S. Dassuncao. Replace 14 windows, $6,000.

41 State St., George J. Bennett. Replace seven windows, $7,000.

1 Brittney Lane, Melanie A. Castigliego. Strip and re-shingle, $7,000.

34 Taddy Ave., Alan P. Medeiros. Strip and re-shingle, $15,000.

636 Metacom Ave., Anthony J. Sousa Jr. Build interior partition and insulate. Install header in load-bearing wall, $2,000.

21 Lyndon St., Werscott Enterprises LLC. Strip and re-roof portico only. Repair damaged columns, $2,000.

40 Warren Ave., Patricia C. Vedro. Remove load bearing walls, $1,000.

77 Coomer Ave., Jacqueline Cresswell. Install 190 feet of vinyl fencing, $12,000.

5 Libby Lane, Wightmans Farm LLC. General repairs, two basement windows, repair flat roof, replace storm door, repair barn doors, construct deck, $6,960.