Good going, Mt. Hope ‘A List!’


alistNineteen special students were honored at Mt. Hope High School Wednesday for their excellent grades through the first three quarters of the year. The “A List” — so-named because each has earned nothing but As during the first and second quarters, as well as the semester, were honored in a luncheon and ceremony at the school. The school’s recognition of their good grades is part of an initiative to recognize excellence and students who have committed themselves to academic achievement, assistant principal Jennifer Copeland said. Mt. Hope’s ‘A-listers’ include (front, from left) Lauren Ferreira, Elisabeth Iacono, Colby Ferreira and Shijia Li; (second row, from left) Isabelle Mitchell, Lauren Boisvert, Victoria DaSilva and Christian DeLuca; and (third row, from left) Justin Slocumb, Burke O’Brien, Rhys Webb, Emma Pattie and Skye Nygaard. Not pictured are Hunter Thresher, Scott Russell, Matthew Coccio, Cynthia Payne and Jeremy and Lucy Spence.


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