Gears Halloween weekend event is going strong

Gears Halloween weekend event is going strong

Boomshot is just one of the two devastating weapons during the "BoooooomSnipes" event.

EPIC has become famous for their Gears events. From Ticker Tuesday to Torque Bow Tag, fans have had a blast playing in these events.

For Halloween, EPIC has given us a fun-filled weekend. “BoooooomSnipes” started October 28th at 9am EST and will end November 1st at 9am EST. Players get to battle in a special Team Death Match with the defaults weapons being the Boomshot and Longshot. I’ve played a few rounds this weekend and its a lot of fun. All the maps get a different feel with these two weapons.

Gears of War 3 | Pumpkin Head

UPDATE: On Monday, Halloween, EPIC has stated that there will be a “cosmetic” surprise for players. Cliff Bleszinski tweeted a screenshot of a character with a “pumpkin head”. AT 12:01 AM EST, all characters for multiplayer were changed. Its the attack of the “Pumpkin Heads”. They look really cool and are a nice treat for this spooky holiday. I spent about an hour last night smashing gourds and pumpkins with my Boomshot. So if you don’t have any plans tonight, cuddle up with some Gears 3 multiplayer.

Also, you have played in all of the events to date, then you are in for an even cooler treat. Players that have participated in five events will have received the “War Supporter” medal and have unlocked a character, Golden Gear.

Happy Halloween.