Game Insight releases Enchanted Realm HD for iPad

Game Insight releases Enchanted Realm HD for iPad

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Enchanted Realm HD

Game Insight has announced that the iPad version of its popular fantasy-themed city-building game, Enchanted Realm, is now available on the App Store.

Previously released for Android, Enchanted Realm puts players in the role of a ruler whose kingdom has been cursed by the evil sorceress Morgana. As her evil plan unfurls, players must work in the shadow of Morgana’s insidious escapades to build up their economy by planting and harvesting crops, constructing more than 50 different types of economic and housing buildings, and expanding their realm’s territory to new fantastic frontiers! Along the way, players will take part in an epic fantasy story that includes many characters from popular fairy tales, such as the Brave Little Tailor, mighty sorcerer Merlin and the beautiful Snow Queen.

Enchanted Realm combines the depth and strategy of a classic city-building game with a continual assortment of new quests to perform and rare item sets to collect. Along the way, players can make Enchanted Realm a truly social experience by trading promotional codes for in-game content with friends, as well as sharing updates on their progress via Facebook and Twitter.

Enchanted Realm is a free-to-play game that combines city-building, whimsical fairytale folklore, and an engrossing story. Begin telling your own epic fantasy tale by visiting the App Store and getting the game today.