Future of Bristol’s Community Center to be unveiled


DSC_0152Residents wishing to know what the future holds for Bristol’s Community Center, should attend a special town council meeting next Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 7 p.m. at town hall.
Walter Burke, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, will present a multi-year plan for the community center, known as the Quinta Gamelin building.
“We’re talking about programming, the physical facility itself and how it may be restructured to accommodate those programs,” explained Town Administrator Tony Teixeira.
Among those programs will be the discussion of building two indoor swimming pools.
“It’s a long-term picture thing,” Mr. Burke said. “We will talk about putting together a capital campaign committee for two future swimming pools.
“People will get nervous about that, but it’s a dream, a hope. If it happens, it happens. If not, that’s OK.”
Installing a pool would be at least five years or more down the road, Mr. Burke said.
The Community Center will make use of public-private partnerships, which will enable the Parks and Recreation Department to offer programs and resources without adding to department’s payroll.
“It’s a tremendous way for us to run programs in that building without hiring more staff, which no one wants,” Mr. Burke said.
Also on the meeting agenda is discussion about other current and potential capital projects throughout the town.
“We’re going to go through all the departments we have an see how we can take the funding, specifically the $9.5 million bond and distribute that across the board,” Mr. Teixeira said.

One Comment;

  1. BIGmouthNEfan said:

    Five years for a pool? What a joke that was one of the things that got my support on this project. Renew my YMCA membership and forget supporting this failure.


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