Frerichs Farm puts Warren on national stage

Joe Jutras takes a seat on last year's winner at Frerichs Farm, a 1,661-pounder.Joe Jutras takes a seat on last year's winner at Frerichs Farm, a 1,661-pounder.

Joe Jutras takes a seat on last year’s winner at Frerichs Farm, a 1,661-pounder.

Frerichs Farm is getting a lot of attention this week, as Saturday’s 19th annual Giant Pumpking Weigh-off approaches. Between getting ready for the big day and keeping his farm running, farm owner Dave Frerichs got a few visitors Wednesday – from CBS News.

CBS television journalist Steve Hartman brought a crew out to the farm Wednesday afternoon and spent about two hours talking to Mr. Frerichs about all things pumpkin. They talked about the upcoming contest and the buzz about a particularly massive pumpkin that will be weighed in, and the fervor, anticipation and stress that leads up to the big event.

“We had quite a talk,” Mr. Frerichs said.

Mr. Hartman hosts the weekly “On The Road” segment that airs Friday on CBS news. Mr. Frerichs said no airing date has yet been set, but it’d be a good bet to tune in to CBS at 6:30 Friday evening. The spot may run over the weekend, as well.

As for the pumpkin mentioned above? Ron Wallace of Greene, R.I., is expected to enter a pumpkin even bigger than the record-breaker he entered at the Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts last week. That massive pumpkin weighed in at 2,009 pounds, but “this one is supposed to be even bigger,” Mr. Frerichs said. “Everyone who’s seen it says it’s just massive, massive.”


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