Former shelter dog wakes family to fire


romeoWay to go, Romeo.
A volunteer at the Warren Animal Shelter sent along this nice note about one of their former tenants. According to Anna Palmieri: “On March 16, Romeo, who had been with us for just about a year, was adopted and went home with his new mom in North Kingstown. Well, today we received a message from his new owner with a great story. On Saturday evening Romeo became somewhat of a hero. As told to us by Romeo’s owner, around midnight there was a grass fire at Romeo’s new home. When Romeo saw what was happening he began to bark and bark until his new mom got up to see what was happening. Much to her surprise, she saw a fire in her back yard that would have spread to the house if Romeo had not alerted her. Romeo’s mom called 911 and the fire was extinguished before it could do any serious damage. The fire is now under investigation. Romeo has become our shelter success story. Way to go Romeo! We are so proud of you.”


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