Former school employee, youth coach charged with child molestation

Former school employee, youth coach charged with child molestation


On Thursday, Dec. 13, members of the major crimes, computer crimes and criminal identification units, along with the Bristol police department, arrested Richard Perry, age 55, of 50 Arlington Ave., Warren, on two counts of first-degree child molestation and two counts of second-degree child molestation.

According to Rhode Island State Police Lt. Benjamin Barney, the result of an investigation led to a Grand Jury and the attorney general’s office issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Perry.

Mr. Perry was, by some accounts, a well liked and well respected coach and umpire, involved with local Pop Warner football, Bristol Little League and local AAU baseball programs.

He was also formerly employed by the Bristol Warren School District where he worked at Kickemuit Middle School as a disciplinary officer and as a school custodian.

According to Lt. Barney, the alleged assaults took place in the 1990s.

Mr. Perry was arrested at his Arlington Avenue home without incident, processed at state police headquarters and arraigned in Providence Superior Court. He is being held without bail at the ACI until his Dec. 20 court date.

Police are asking others who know of victims or are victims of Mr. Perry to contact Deputy Chief Steven Contente at the Bristol Police Department, 253-6900 or Lt. Benjamin Barney at the Rhode Island State Police at 444-1000.

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Former school employee, youth coach charged with child molestation


  1. I think the author of this article should do a little more homework before describing this man as “…a well liked and well respected coach and umpire, involved with local Pop Warner football, Bristol Little League and local AAU baseball programs.” This (expletive) man molested boys back when I was in high school in the ’80s, and how the school system could have allowed him to stay is beyond my comprehension; however they allowed a teacher with alcohol problems to stay, so the legal system works for those that abuse it. I hope they’re able to finally put this man away so he cannot take advantage of any more boys. A note to the author…find some adults in their 40s that went to Bristol High School and ask them what they think about Mr. Perry. He is a sick individual who has not gotten help and only waited some time to abuse innocent children again.

  2. Tracy, I agree.

    Just because someone is involved for decades, it is presumptious of the author to assume he was well liked or respected. He was neither. In fact, most people wondered how long it would take for this to surface. Unfortunately, it was commonly suspected, but without any real evidence, there was little that could be done.

    In fact, his ex-wife, yes, his ex-wife, once told me he was being investigated about this. That was probably 7-8 years ago.

    I would guess that if victims can not feel further shame and embarassment, this could very possibly grow to many, many more victims. And, don’t be surprised if there are one or two more perpertrators of these horrendous acts.

  3. I want to encourage any male or female that may have fallen victim to Mr. Perry’s alleged misconduct to contact appropriate authorities to register a complaint. Please find the strength to protect the youth of today, the innocence of our town and finding peace in yourselves.


    Robert R. Reynolds
    (RET. BPD 2003)
    Thank you

  4. Good job, Panther.

    It takes a great deal of strength to do what has to be done. You have all of my respect for stepping forward. It will help others be more courageous knowing they are victims, and that they were not alone. I believe this a scandal that went unspoken for way too long. It needed just one person to confirm what many suspected.

  5. Just for the record in my above post I was in no way blaming my mother that this is her fault that comment was meant in jest.

    She also trusted these guys that they were “mentors” to me and the 1980’s was a much more innocent era. There is only one person to blame in any sexual misconduct case like this and it’s the accused.

  6. It does only take 1 minute for a pervert to molest your kids so watch them closely!!
    the 1980’s were innocent days and we trusted more.

    • I have sat back and read all of these comments. Some are very good and heartfelt, others are just rediculous…I am here making a comment under my own name, not hiding behind an alias. It really angers me to see some people defending the accused without having been there behind closed doors!! It really is a shame….so you were some of the lucky ones, congratulations! I have given my statement, along with several other of my friends, to the proper authorities, and as Rick will have his day in court, so will we!! I will not expect an apology, nor will I need one from any of you who have defended Rick, when he is found guilty!!

      • Jim,
        I’m very glad that you had the guts to comment here….. You have made me re-think some of my thoughts on this…. I spent alot of time w/ the Perrys as a kid and never had any “problem”… I realize now that I was extremely lucky… I choose to use an alias here for various reasons, but, I do know you quite well, and know you were there…. My heart goes out to you and I wish you the best.

      • Jimi, As a parent of one of the victims, and also as a friend of some of the parents of the victims I am speaking from the bottom of my heart when I say as far as I am concerned he deserves to get the chair. Life in jail is not good enough for any pedophile.
        Oh, yes, I seem to forget, they are sick and the laws need to change for this to happen, and in the meantime the emotional effects on the victims of child molestation are forgotten.
        I am looking forward to 2013 for justice to be served and RICK PERRY TO ROT IN JAIL THE REST OF HIS ROTTEN LIFE

  7. I am a Bristolian that went to High School in the 80’s. I played Little League, Pop Warner, and Youth Basketball (League ran by Jack Perry). GOD BLESS THE PERRY BROTHERS! If more people had the hearts of these men, the world would be a much better place. When I was a young boy, I was in the company of Rick Perry many, many times. Often by myself.. He gave me rides to practice, and to school. NEVER, I repeat… NEVER was I made the least bit uncomfortable by anything he did. The Perry brothers poured their heart and soul into youth sports in Bristol, and we all looked up to them. I find these allegations very hard to believe, and I pray that they are not true.

  8. It is hard to believe what has happened. While I do not want to be known as someone defending a child molester but we do not know these accusations are true. As for Jack Perry he is a man with a heart of gold. He would not hurt or touch anyone. How can you blame someone for something that happened 25 years ago. Why didn’t it happen then. I am praying for the Perry Family. May the truth be known and may the truth see light. I have known Ric for over 7 years now and never when I young person around him never did he try anything or suggest anything in that manner.

    • “How can you blame someone for something that happened 25 years ago?” Well, I’d say that some came forward years ago and were met with the same attitude as you have. Sometimes it takes years, decades for someone to be able to get up the courage to speak out. You told “Perry Victem” to stop posting…if the editor wants to remove his posts, he will. We all have freedom of speech. I understand your experience with Mr. Perry was a good one. I’m happy/grateful for that for you, but as I was not involved with it all and know a lot of boys (men now) that were, it doesn’t matter what he’s like now. These events happened. If the victims can get to the BPD and make statements, and I hope to God that they will, then justice can finally be served. It is one thing to post an opinion, but it is another when someone tells someone to stay silent on a public forum. Those of us who know the past of Mr. Perry have to tolerate the posts of others that sing his praises, so I would respectfully ask you to do the same.

  9. This man is a monster and although many went forward before, the police were always thwarted. Thank God he has been stopped. To those defending him, you have no idea the damage Mr. Perry did to these boys for MANY years.

    • How can people, who don’t even know these men, come on here and make all these wild allegations and ignorant remarks? I am not “defending” them. I am just saying that in MY personal dealings with all three brothers over 35+ years I have had nothing but respect and admiration for them, and the work they have done. In MY experience with Rick Perry, I find these allegations hard to believe… However, that does not mean that they are not true…. I said “I pray that they are not true”. If they are true, my prayers certainly go out to the victims… and I hope justice is served…..

  10. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

    Always with young boys in his white van, Hiding behind his glasses and beard we couldn’t figure it out..?

    Just saying….

  11. We have removed several comments from this story, which I’m sure will upset some people. Please understand we are sympathetic to anyone who is a victim, but we cannot allow accusations that extend beyond the facts of this story, as it stands right now. One person has been arrested and charged with crimes. I ask all posters to please keep comments within the boundaries of this story. If you would like to speak to us directly, especially if your comment has been removed, you may contact Eric Dickervitz directly (contact info above) or me: [email protected], or 774-644-4497.

    • Scott, again, with all due respect, I believe neither you or Eric are what I would refer to as lifelong Bristolians (perhaps I am wrong. I am in my 50’s and don’t recall either of you during my youth, or the period of my children growing up).

      And, I know you want to engage in responsible journalism. But, I don’t think you can possible grasp just how big this is going to get. Buckle your seatbelt.

  12. With regard to the comments by “Bristolian,” I would like to point out that there were plenty of people in the company of Jerry Sandusky who were not his victims. But he sure had plenty who were. I’m glad you weren’t a victim. I wonder if you grew up in a two-parent, stable home. I think it’s nice of you to comment your feelings of the Perry family; however, I find it odd you do it anonymously. I can understand the victims, but anyone else, including myself, is voicing their concerns, feelings, and opinions on this story. I instructed my boys when they were in middle school that if they were to see that man, they were to go to the other way, and in no way should they be in a room with him, that they should run if they had to, to the principal’s office, and that I would back them up. There was nothing the school system could do, just as there was nothing they could do with the teacher who had an alcoholism problem a year or two ago. I know people who have been his prey, and while no one likes to believe that anyone they know is capable of this, the fact is, it happens, and I thank God that he is hopefully now going to not only be held accountable for his actions, but also not be in a position to do it again. It doesn’t matter how many other boys’ lives were helped. There are many that were ruined…what about them? Yes, these are allegations, but those of us who have lived in this community all our lives know of boys (now men) who were victimized by this individual. That is reality; that is what they have had to live with. They all haven’t sought help, maybe because of their own feelings of shame or embarrassment, which is what pedophiles count on, especially male on male, at least in my opinion. To any victims who read this, I hope that you can find the strength to go to the station and add your statement. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. You were a child who was taken advantage of…and to Panther, I’m SO sorry that the BPD wasn’t able to help you in your time of need. I know law enforcement does everything they can, and apparently now something is finally being done.

    • No, if you read in the article, he has been charged with first and second degree child molestation, which would make him a pedophile, if convicted. Even if justice is not served AGAIN, it doesn’t change the fact of all the lives he changed for the worse…lives of those I personally know. A diddler is someone who thinks sexually unlawful things about children, but doesn’t necessarily have had to touch a child. Diddler is way too weak a word to describe this individual who is charged.

  13. Something to keep in mind: During the early 1980’s there were no statutes on the law books for child molestation. It was the late 80’s early 90’s when the statutes were written. I am sure that the law enforcement agencies have maintained an open file and are compiling more and more evidence.

  14. “Perry VictEm” Please. Stop posting on East Bay and please call local authorities if you TRULY were a victim! Like the law states a person is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY Ric Perry is not hiding behind a beard a glasses that’s who he is. People would not hold these accusations for 25 years. (I AM NOT DEFENDING HIM) Parents would not let THEIR CHILDREN be with him if there were rumors like this going around. As for his brothers do not bring them up in this if only ONE person was charged!!!

  15. Im with joe burns on this one. I have no clue what he did in the past and im in no way sticking up for ric . I met ric in middle school and he was always just the funny janitor . I am now 19 and for the past year or so a few friends of mine and myself have been in contact with ric . He takes us to lunch , gives us rides to and from work , gives advice when needed . And in return never asked for a thing . In no way has he ever crossed any boundaries with us. Jack was also my highschool basketball coach and once again no boundaries were crossed . No one knows all the facts but ii will hope for the best.

  16. Ill admit a middle aged man hanging out with with youg kids is not a normal thing to see but ric has been a big help for me and my friends . Picking up my friend who recently had a baby making sure he gets to all his docters appointments. Is that a monster? Hes just a retired old man who is lonely. From what i hear in the past he could be guilty but the ric perry in no is no monster

  17. I am both sickened and saddened to hear of this. I also grew up in the 80’s with the Perry brothers as coaches for pop warner football and Jack’s league basketball for several years. I to looked up to these men and thought the world of them. However, even though I was one of the lucky ones who never experienced this with them I still feel violated knowing now that this was happening to my friends around me. I hope and pray for my friends, as I probably know you all as you know me that justice will be swift so that the healing may begin for you all. I am truly sorry that any of you had to endure such a horrible thing. As a father of two young boys, it only solidifies my already unwavering lack of trust for individuals that are around my boys. I’ll let it be known here and now in this public forum….GOD HELP ANYONE WHO LAYS A FINGER ON MY CHILDREN.

  18. To those defending Ric perry it’s your right to do so. However you’ll soon be hearing about the lake house in swansea where he would bring us all for sleepovers and this is where the abuse normally happened. Listen to you doubters of these allegations, any man any man choosing to live their lives hanging out with children has issues. Serious issues. Having sleepovers with 10 year old boys isn’t telling enough for you? I was one of the kids that bore witness to the kids abused by him. Thankfully I wasn’t one of rics victims but some others I’m not supposed to mention.
    Please don’t make the victims out to be the accused. We were innocent children that’s all we were.
    We have nothing to gain by coming forward. No million dollar pay days, no movie deals just shame and ridicule.

  19. Isn’t there some sort of statute of limitations on these crimes? If what he did was so traumatic to these people why didn’t they say something then instead of saying it 20 or 30 years later? These people are adults now and all of that is old news.

    • Googleuser….Old news???? SO WHAT! If DNA evidence convicts someone of murder 30 years ago, is it still old news to the family and lives it effected?? The reason why I, myself, came forward, along with others years later is probably out of your realm…you do not understand!! If you have children and they are going to be in a safer place because of a few of us willing to come forward…then my job is done…no million dollar lawsuit, no movie deals, just a true to heart, no bullshit statement!!

  20. Not defending anyone here, but if everyone is ready for their day in court, what took you so long to come forward and say something. At this point in time, this case has to be proven in a court of law, and we all know that not all legal issues get justice, if he is not proven guility, everyone has destroyed this man life. If he is found guility then let justice be served. I can already smell a plea deal before this even hits the court. My opinion

    • Beerchugga, if you do any research on victims of abuse, especially pedophilia, you’ll see that it takes a long time to come to terms with what has happened and to be able to get the courage to go to the police to report it, knowing they will be judged by so many, including you, who asks why they they didn’t come out sooner. As for the character of this individual who is charged, this has been a long time in the making, as you read from the article, as well as the article in today’s Bristol Phoenix. I feel awful for all the victims who have not been able to come forward. There will be plenty that still won’t come forward out of embarrassment, and not wanting judgment and ill-informed questions such as yours. Read up on pedophilia and their victims. Mr. Perry, I would hope, will be put in a place where he can never harm another child again. I note your anonymity…seems you don’t even have the courage to state who you are, and yet you question why others don’t come forward? Seems quite hypocritical to me. To the victims, I hope that you know that there are MANY, MANY supporters of you. Don’t let the comments of a few deter you from seeking justice for yourself, and for others.


  21. I will say this im very shocked nothing has come out on Jack, he would always give us rides buy us things and all that. Sometimes get a lil to close. I my self would not have that when i was around him never alone always with a group.

    Only Perry i respect is Jessie Perry my family knew him very well never came across that way to me

  22. Best sports. the one you respect i wont name names was the biggest perpetrator of them all. He was known for his naked massages of little boys. Myself included. I know hundreds of kids he did this to.

  23. Beerchugga, maybe you chugged too many before writing that.
    I know many of the victims who to this day are traumatized. Like Tracey said it takes decades to come forward I happen to know this I’m a victim as well of another brother.

  24. I put up a bloog to render my o-pinion on this issue, and you who responded very angerly should be ashamed of yourself, making a statement that I am a pedophiler myself. who the hell do you think you are, Are you any better to justify false rumors or your personnal o-pinions. There seems to be alot of anger out here but I am not the culprit or a victum, so I was just addressing what will take place in court, if people do not come forwar. seen enough law n order svu to know what happens. Save your anger for justice please dont crap on me for an opinion.

    • I am not one of the parents of the victims that called you a pedophile, I am a parent of one of the victims and a friend of the parents of some of the other victims some of which are just finding out what happened to their children at the hand of RICK PERRY. You make your comments and do not know what the hell you are talking about, and you are telling us we should be ashamed of ourselves. LOOK FOR TO HEARING YOUR COMMENTS WHEN RICK PERRY IN FOUND GUILTY AND SPENDS THE REST OF HIS LIFE IN JAIL. THIS SENTENCE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME FOR ANY CHILD MOLESTER. RICK PERRY OR STANDUSKY OR ANY OTHER PEDOPHILE…..YOU SICKEN ME

      • Look lady everyone has a right to his/her opinions. Beerchugga didn’t say what was done was okay nor is he/she sticking up for this guy. You shouldn’t be lashing out at people like a rabid dog lashing out at everyone around it. We all know you are the parent of one of the victims (you have told us 50 times) and my heart goes out to every one of them, and we all understand you are upset. If this is all true (and I have no doubt it is), then let Justice be served. Beerchugga is not defending him, but has the right to bring up valid points and you shouldn’t be calling people names of ones that are neither on the hot seat nor are they protecting any pedophile. Your behavior SICKENS ME!

  25. I posted this message under the wrong article….so here it goes again.

    So it really is true. Absolutely disgusting. I hope the guys at the ACI do a job on both of them. And if the 3rd brother has done the same, I hope he gets nabbed too. I heard what I thought were just “teenage guy rumors” from years ago about Rick “checking for ticks” in areas where the sun doesn’t shine. It goes to show, you can’t always assume it’s just a rumor. I hope the individual that I heard that this happened to so many years ago (mid-late 80′s) has made a statement. I say good for you to those who had the courage to come forward. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but I’m sure it was a bit of relief to get this off your chest and to help anyone else who was victimized or about to become a victim. I was in school back then and know that it would have been “taboo” to even mention this sort of thing, in such an innocent time. Wasn’t this disgusting individual involved w/ Boy Scouts / Cub Scouts too? So sick!