Former Barrington cop sentenced, avoids jail time

Former Barrington cop sentenced, avoids jail time


Former Barrington Police Sergeant Joe Andreozzi avoided jail time, instead receiving a suspended sentence and domestic violence counseling Wednesday after pleading guilty to domestic cyberstalking and obstruction of justice.

Mr. Andreozzi was sentenced to a one year suspended sentence with probation on each count, with the sentences to run consecutively. In addition, the defendant was ordered to undergo domestic violence counseling and have no contact with the victim, Attorney General Peter Kilmartin’s office announced. Mr. Andreozzi also resigned from the Barrington Police Department.

In Aug. 2012, Barrington Police Chief John LaCross requested an investigation by Rhode Island State Police into Mr. Andreozzi aftera domestic violence complaint was filed against the police officer. The state police charged Mr. Andreozzi with domestic disorderly conduct and Chief LaCross placed Mr. Andreozzi on administrative leave.

In mid-November, the State Police also charged Mr. Andreozzi with obstruction of the judicial system. Mr. Andreozzi reportedly used a computer program to remotely delete text messages from his cellphone while the phone was impounded in a state police evidence box.

As a police officer, sworn to uphold the law at all times, the defendant had a moral, ethical and legal obligation to conduct himself with the highest standard of integrity, which he failed to do,” Attorney General Kilmartin said in a release. “I commend the efforts of the Barrington Police Department, who received the initial complaint about one of their own, as well as the Rhode Island State Police, who conducted the investigation.”