Fly with Me! coming soon to the iTunes App Store

Fly with Me! coming soon to the iTunes App Store


Fish Food - Fly With Me!

EA Mobile has announce a new title, Fly With Me! coming soon to the iTunes App Store. Fly with Me! is a casual title where players will need to keep their cool and tap the screen to maintain a steady flap. Help the birds avoid hurdles, catch bees and stay in flight or they will crash and burn.
In this family friendly game, players can fly, chomp and dodge their way to get revenge on the evil bees. Players seeking retaliation will have their work cut out for them as they soar through the air on blasts of wind, maneuver through tight tree holes, and avert dangerous obstacles like Venus Flytraps to gobble up as many pesky bees as possible. With over 45 levels of fields, trees and tropical backgrounds, birds can either flap into quick play session, or ‘go the distance’ in challenge mode for a longer play experience.

Tiki Jungle - Fly With Me!
This simple game offers users a combination of puzzle based unlock levels and challenging distance modes to cruise in this aerial adventure. Fly With Me! also offers a variety of levels to satisfy every player’s needs. Enjoy ‘Kid Mode’ for a friendly difficulty level or advanced players can test their endurance with three different challenge modes and work to collect stars in each level for a perfect score. Unlock bonus levels and achievements when you soar through stunning backgrounds with style. Also, collect gears in each level to unlock the dominating Robot Bird!
Fly With Me! will be available on the iTunes App Store February 2012.