Fire captain responds to Narragansett Way re-name plan

Fire captain responds to Narragansett Way re-name plan


Vincent Calenda wrote this memo to Warren Town Council president Chris Stanley this past Monday:

Mr. Stanley:

It has come to the attention of the membership of the Narragansett Fire Company #3 that the Town Council is considering re-naming “Narragansett Bay” to “Lewin Street.” I kindly remind you that this street was named “Narragansett Way in 1996 in honor of our 150 years of service as dedicated by the Warren Town Council.

The small street is highly symbolic to the tradition of Engine Company 3 and the Baker Street Station that housed the Narragansetts for over 103 years.

As captain of Engine 3, and on behalf of the entire active membership, we find this proposal insulting and demeaning as well as a lack of appreciation for the Warren Fire Department’s most senior and oldest fire company.

For the past 18 years and with no opposition, this street was dedicated in honor of our members past and present for continuous volunteer fire protection that now exceeds 168 years of service.

I respectfully ask you to keep “Narragansett Way” as is. Please place us on the council agenda. We will be present in force to address this issue.

Best regards,

Captain Vincent P. Calenda

Engine Company #3